Top tournament finishers battle mackerel, then storm

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The second- and third-place finishers in the Jolly Mon King Classic earned their money Saturday. After they landed their prize catches, they had to battle through a ferocious storm.

Keith Logan aboard Logan’s Love finished second (36.65) and collected $7,750. He thanked Hunter McCray of the Rod and Reel Shop on Holden Beach. Logan fished in the Gen. Sherman Wreck area. Logan, of Longs, S.C., landed his king mackerel about 7:15 a.m.

“We were putting our second line out when he hit,” Logan said about the catch. “He started taking a bunch of line. Finally, we decided to run the fish down. We got over the top of it and it stayed deep. We circled around to it and it decided to come to the top of the surface.”

The fish was in the boat and iced when the storm hit about 9:30 a.m.

“We were trying to catch another bigger fish,” Logan said. “When the storm rolled in, it started white-capping 3 to 4 feet. By the time we got the fishing lines, it was 5 to 6 feet. We were in a 21-foot Kenner bay boat.

“We decided it was time to head in. We could only make 5 to 6 knots on the way in. The waves were coming over the bow of the boat. But the boat kept bailing the water out.”

Logan said “it was one of the worst storms I’ve been in in a small boat. I’ve been in some storms in bigger boats, but as far as a small boat, it was bad.”

He said the worst moment “was all the way through it.

“We did get a couple of waves come sideways on us with 40-to 50-knot winds.”

Through it all, Logan and his crew member checked on the king mackerel.

“It was up at the bow of the boat and it started sliding to the back of the boat. (Crew member) Tracy (Holme) was in the back of the boat and he saw it sliding and he was like, ‘If the fish goes over, I’m going over with it. Come back and pick me up.’ ”

David Henderson aboard Ain’t Life Grand finished third (36.50) and collected $12,446. He and his crew fished in the Shark Hole area. Henderson, of Charlotte, landed his king mackerel at 9:30 a.m.

“We had to go through (the storm) to make our way in,” Henderson said. “It was from Southport to Ocean Isle. We had to go through it. It blew up probably 6- to 7-foot waves on the front end through the center. It was big rollers on the back end, probably 5 to 6 feet. For me, it was the worst storm I’d been in.”

He said he didn’t think his life was in danger.

“No, I don’t think you have a chance, too,” he said. “I’ve been been fishing for five or six years. You just have to run the throttle and steer the wheel. I didn’t think about it until the other side. Once we committed, we had to go through it. If something had happened in the middle, then we’d have to pay for it then. But we made it to the other side and made it into Lockwood. Yeah, I was scared. But we just went through it. It sounds like we got less than what other people got We got lucky.”

MICHAEL PAUL is the sports editor at the Beacon. Reach him at 754-6890 or at sports@brunswickbeacon.com.