Tourist boy makes Father’s Day special

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By Sam Hickman

 HOLDEN BEACH — “I’m Carter Hemric, I’m 7 years old, and I wanted to wish you a happy Father’s Day.”

That was the message the boy from Mount Airy had for fathers up and down the streets of Holden Beach last Sunday.

Not only did he wish eight dads a special day, he made a card to accompany his well wishes.

Carter, who was here for a week’s vacation with his mom, dad and little brother, started making cards on Father’s Day while his parents were out to eat at Castaways Raw Bar and Grill on the island. Hemric phoned his uncle, Dean Draughn, and asked him if he’d walk with him up and down High Point Street to deliver the cards.

“You should have seen how professional he was,” Draughn said. “I couldn’t believe it. He’s a special young man. I didn’t do anything really, just helped him distribute the cards.”

So there they were, knocking on doors on High Point Street. When someone answered, Carter asked for the dad of the house and off he went: “I’m Carter Hemric. I’m 7 years old. I wanted to wish you a happy Father’s day.”

What prompted Carter to make the cards?

“I just wanted to make dads happy,” he said. “I wanted to see people smile.”

Carter’s mother, Erica, said her oldest son has always had a big heart.

“He cares more about making other people happy than he does being happy himself,” she said. “He’s a tender-hearted kid.”

Carter agreed.

“She’s right,” he said. “Some times I wake Mama up by kissing her on the nose.”

Carter said not all of his cards looked the same because he “wanted to use different colors to make them all different.”

The reactions from those who received Father’s Day cards from Carter were smiles from ear to ear.

“One man invited Carter into his house and they talked for quite a while,” Draughn said.

With one card left, Carter spotted a motorist driving slowly down High Point Street. His uncle told him to stop the car and give him the last card.

So Carter did just that, and the man’s reaction was priceless.

“He told us it was the best Father’s Day he’d ever had, that we made his day,” Carter said.

This is something the young boy wants to do for years to come, as well.

“I want to do it next year and I want to do it at Holden Beach,” he said.

Next year, Carter should have no problem with the spelling of “Father’s.” That was the only problem he ran into initially, he said.

“I had to get help from my Nana,” he said. “Once she told me how to spell it, I got it.”

Carter made Draughn’s day, too.

“The highlight for me was how (Carter) was accepted by the people,” he said. “It was a sight to see.”

“It just made me happy to see other people happy,” Carter said.

Carter’s mother said she wasn’t surprised when Draughn told her and her husband, Daniel, about Carter’s Father’s Day project.

“That’s part of his nature,” Erica said. “He’s a caring, loving little boy.”

“He’s got a big heart to be such a little youngin’,” Daniel said.


Sam Hickman is a staff writer for the Beacon. Reach him at 754-6890 or shickman@brunswickbeacon.com.