Town should take care of rollbacks

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I would like to comment on the letter from Herb Tinger (Sunset Beach mainlander) about the trash can rollback on the island.

There are three types of homeowners on the island: permanent residents like I am; homeowners who rent; and homeowners who do not rent.

Ron Watts could charge his 425 rental owners an extra fee. The other rental companies could do the same.

That still leaves several hundred who do not rent. They come for the weekend and leave the trash can out on Sunday for the Wednesday pickup. It stays there until they come back again or until others like me roll the cans back.

Mr. Tinger said as a taxpayer he should not have to pay for the rollbacks. As taxpayers in Sunset Beach and Brunswick County, we all pay for something we don’t need or want. It might not seem fair, but the only solution is for the town to be responsible for the rollbacks for every house. Then the island would look nice and neat for everybody who visits—even for Mr. Tinger.