Town sold out residents

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: The Sunset Beach Town Council sold out town residents again last week when they unanimously decided every property owner should pay an equal amount for the pending sewer system, even though construction of the island portion will cost 1.5 times that of the mainland portion ($21 million vs. $14 million).

In effect, retirees on fixed incomes and those living in trailers will be subsidizing the owners of million dollar homes on the island that rent them for $1,000 or more a week.

Then, to insult the residents even further, they decided to ignore 80 percent of the property owners who signed petitions in favor of a 30-year bond and recommended a 10-year bond instead, forcing people who are already struggling in this economy to pay even more.

Perhaps the saddest part was that not one council member had the guts to support the will of the people who put them in office. Instead, they once again supported the real estate companies and developers. I don’t know whom this town council is working for, but it’s evident to me that based on last weeks and previous weeks actions, it’s not the residents of Sunset Beach.