Towns need this agreement

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

It appears, finally, the towns of Oak Island and St. James are ready to come to an agreement about Midway Road property both towns had intended to annex.

The proposed annexation sparked outcry from residents and sent lawsuits into Brunswick County courts.

Now, it appears the towns are ready to settle the matter.

It’s about time.

We never supported the idea of St. James annexing Midway Road area properties. It didn’t make sense to us for the town to take in those properties without giving those property owners unrestricted access to services behind the gates of the private town.

No wonder the property owners fought against the annexation plans. Had we lived or owned property there, we would have, too.

Last week, Midway property owners said they were cautiously waiting to see what’s next. The towns say they’re going to have a public hearing on an agreement that St. James would not annex the property for the next 15 years.

That’s a good start. Hopefully, both town councils will support this idea and vote to end this annexation battle.