Turmoil in Sunset Beach

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To the editor:
Mayor Cerrato was elected by 60 percent of voters on a platform of “Spend Less-Tax Less.” His platform consisted of 19 items, such as salaries, spending and waste, but any time an item is brought up, it’s quickly brushed aside by our town council.
Mayor Cerrato was opposed to purchasing the park land even before 1,200 citizens signed a petition opposing it. The county has a park less than 2 miles away. Why are we going to be paying for two parks, one through our county taxes, and the other through town taxes?
Immediately after the election, Councilman Lou DeVita called a special meeting to publicly accuse Mayor Cerrato of various charges, which the mayor later countered point-by-point. His charges brought media attention, but I never read Mayor Cerrato’s rebuttal.
Gee, can’t we all just get along? No, along with DeVita, Councilwoman Karen Joseph said she “didn’t care what the mayor had to say.”
Is this how our town council gets along with our mayor?
Mr. Helmboldt, in his letter last week, got it all wrong. It’s our mayor who has the town’s best interests at heart. Some members of our council appear to be empire-builders with way too much (of our) money at their disposal.
Remember, Mayor Cerrato did receive 60 percent of the votes cast.
John J. Whalen
Sunset Beach (Sandpiper Bay)