Turmoil in town

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: In response to Jack Butcher: Initially, life was quiet under Mayor Selby because mayors have no authority.

Mayor Selby disrupted the scene by giving orders to town employees, upsetting them and arousing concern among commissioners. He further annoyed commissioners by claiming he was not invited to a meeting when he was told about it four times.

After the June board meeting, one of eight residents who objected to the change in form of government began the petition effort, claiming the mayor’s power was being diluted and he was being “screwed with”—a direct quote. She claimed commissioners “completely ignored the voice of the people” when they voted for the change in government despite opposition from eight residents (0.02 percent of town residents).

Our town has been torn asunder by misinformation the mayor’s authority has been reduced, the voice of residents was not heard and the mayor was not welcome at a meeting.

Mr. Dale was telling you commissioners must respond to the majority of residents. Mr. Mann responded favorably to my input during his tenure.

One commissioner resigned a few months early because of the controversy eroding our quiet community. Mr. Mann agreed to help out during the turmoil despite having other responsibilities. His intention is to protect town employees.

I have challenged the mayor and commissioners to send me their accomplishments to post on www.carolinashores.info.

To Mr. Butcher and other allies of Mayor Selby: Why don’t you send me a list of his accomplishments?