Village School teams compete to see who is brightest of all

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By Laura Lewis, Reporter



SUPPLY—Teams competing in “Are You Smarter Than a Village Schooler?” on Saturday night had to know some stuff.

They needed to know the three most important nutrients for plant growth. They were asked how many quarters are in $3.50, what a six-sided figure is called and what is the longest river in the world, among dozens of other things.

From third-grade social studies to sixth-grade math, the questions rolled out as 12 two-person teams, each consisting of a student from Evelyn Smith Wray Village School in Shallotte and an older person in the community, matched wits in the competition in Odell Williamson Auditorium at Brunswick Community College.

“Am I smarter than a Village Schooler or fifth-grader? Probably not,” joked master of ceremonies Joe Stanley at the start of the event. “Because I said ‘yes’ when they asked me to do this.”

The fundraising competition, borrowed from Fox TV’s “Are You Smarter Than a 5th-Grader?”, required teams to answer questions and accumulate points based on the grade-level of each question.

Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore was forced to don a dunce cap after missing questions with his student partner, Saralyn Dayna Kincer, a sixth-grader at the Village School.

Later, Gore drew laughs when he told Stanley he had reason to believe there had been a conspiracy in the difficult questions that were posed for his two-person team.

“And when I find out who did it, they’re going to jail,” Gore promised.

Earning the most points and winning first place in the independent day school’s first competition were Village School sixth-grader Emily Arrigoni and her partner, Drayton Garrett.

Garrett is a junior at West Brunswick High School and an alumnus of the Village School, class of 2006.

The two were declared winners after winning a bonus round over the second-place team consisting of Village School fifth-grader Abbi Cochran and Dr. JoAnne Peck, pediatrician at Shorefun Pediatrics in Supply.

The question was, “How many students are enrolled at Evelyn Smith Wray Village School in the 2008-2009 school year?”

If you guessed 53, you’re pretty smart.

Other competing teams included sixth-grader Logan Galloway and Scott Harrell, publisher of The Brunswick Beacon; fifth-grader Allie Gunter and Velva Jenkins, dean of continuing education and workforce development at Brunswick Community College; sixth-grader Zack Taylor and Cindy Cheatham, co-owner of Shallotte Cleaners; sixth-grader Jack Bradley and Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram; 12-year-old Stephanie Kane and Debbie Knox, director of government sales for W.T. Cox Subscriptions; sixth-grader Alex Smith and Brunswick County Commissioner Marty Cooke; sixth-grader Kevin Gore and Dr. Jeff Coury, otolaryngologist with Coastal Carolina ENT; sixth-grader Gracie Baxley and Scott Kucera, executive director of the Ocean Isle Museum Foundation and fifth-grader Cameron Huffman and Laura Thompson, a partner with Jess, Isenberg and Thompson law firm in Southport.