Vote for new leadership

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To the editor:
Last week while we were watching the Sept 11, 2012, attacks and demonstrations throughout the world and listening to the White House blame someone else for diplomatic and security failures, America’s credit rating was cut yet again.
America’s credit rating has been cut only twice and both times under the leadership of President Obama.
The reasons for this second cut are the debt, $16 trillion, now exceeds the annual gross domestic product of the United States; the refusal of the Democratic leadership under Senator Harry Reid, (D-NV) to bring to the floor of the Senate a budget in four years; and continued devaluation of our currency by the Federal Reserve.
Soon all will be impacted with more inflation to groceries and gasoline. With no salary increases, this will further depress the economy as less is available for movies, eating out and clothing.
All this could have been averted if the president used strong leadership and willingness to work with others to reach a compromise solution, bring spending under control and halt the Federal Reserve actions.
One can only conclude the lack of action on the part of the president is part of his agenda to transform America from world leader into a second-rate power at the mercy of other nations, even compromising our own nation’s security and sacrificing our troops’ lives.
It is time to vote these Democrats out of office and replace them with leaders who will work to restore America’s greatness.
Eric Edgerton
Ocean Isle Beach