Voters deserve more than last-minute political maneuvering

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What exactly is it state Sen. R.C. Soles Jr. believes he is doing?

Surely, he can’t believe most of his constituents think he is acting in the community’s best interest with the latest bills he has introduced in the General Assembly’s “short session.”

Remember, this is a time when he and fellow legislators are supposed to be considering only “non-controversial” bills.

The proposal to split the prosecutorial and superior court districts and the proposed change in the state’s pension plan are among the more-controversial bills we’ve seen from Soles in a while.

These proposed legislative changes are nothing more than political posturing, a last ditch attempt for a lame duck senator to continue cronyism.

In case Soles hasn’t heard, voters around here have had enough.

These bills have the potential to benefit current district attorney Rex Gore, who was defeated in this last election.

At the very least, the timing of these bills gives the impression Soles is political-maneuvering to create a comfy future for Gore when he leaves his district attorney’s post.

At worse, it is just that.

Gore has said he isn’t interested in the appointment for D.A. and has asked to have the dates of eligibility for the pension changed to not include him. However, unfortunately for Gore, who made the right decision when he turned the Soles investigation over to the Attorney General’s Office, the timing and political ties with these bills have marred opportunities he may have to serve as a future district attorney or superior court judge.

In April, we called for Soles to step down from his post as a legislator and we were glad when he announced he wasn’t going to run for re-election.

We said in light of the controversy surrounding his personal life, with a shooting and alleged improper conduct with a young man, we didn’t think he could give his position the attention his constituents deserve.

Thanks for proving us right, Sen. Soles.

The bright spot in all of this comes from the executive committee of the Brunswick County Democratic Party. Last week, they voted—unanimously-—to oppose the split of prosecutorial district and the pension plan changes. Members indicated there was no rationale for the split right now, especially in light of the current economic strain on the state budget.

Good for them.

Brunswick County’s voters have said they’re done with political favors and backroom deals. The measures Soles has introduced stink of it.

We hope they are soon gone from the floor in Raleigh, just like Sen. Soles.