Waive the residency rule for veterans

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To the editor:

Recently, I saw a report about military personnel being discharged in North Carolina. These veterans only want to take advantage of the benefi ts offered to them, one of which is getting a college education here in North Carolina.

After discharge, they find out they must be a resident of North Carolina to take advantage of the college program, so they do what they need to do and establish residency and get a driver’s license. Afterward, they find out when they apply for school that they need to be a resident for a year in North Carolina before the benefits of the program will apply.

This rule is for anyone who just moved in from any other state, which is correct. However, in my opinion, the rule should be waived for military personnel who served our country and put their life on the line of all of us. They, of all people, deserve a break.

If anything can be done to get this rule changed, please call or write to your state representative to see that this rule of one-year residency is waived for our veterans.

Frank A. Blue


Editor’s note: Blue is a Brunswick County Board of Commissioners candidate.