Want to make a difference? Vote

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: It is amazing to me someone who was writing an article deriding the practice of bringing Gov. Sarah Palin’s “pregnant teenage daughter” into the political fray of today’s presidential election would spend the next 137 words (out of a 444 word column) doing exactly what she was criticizing others for.

Blaming Bristol Palin for our lot in life will not solve any problems. She did not ask to be involved in this process, her mother did. Making her the weekend focus of the campaign news cycle was only done because it was easy.

The fact is, this political cycle has become about as exciting as watching somebody mow the median on the highway, and the press just can’t stand it if they do not have somebody to rail about.

McCain’s vice presidential pick caught most of the “press” asleep at the switch. No one else paid much attention to this because the media, still shocked Obama had scorned Hillary, hadn’t given much thought to who McCain would pick.

When they finally learned her name, they did a Wikipedia search, found at a couple of pictures and decided to write their own stories. The daughter, unfortunately, was the “low-hanging fruit.”

It will not make a difference who we elect president as long as we have a Congress locked in step with big business. Anyone that thinks either candidate can make “the change we need” with the current stock of self-serving politicians in Washington should spend more time studying politics and less time talking about it.

I would defy any politician in North Carolina, or anywhere else for that matter, to run on a platform that says “I will go to Washington and I won’t ask them for a dime to bring back home.”

You show me anyone that can get elected running on that platform, and I will show you the next president.

The “earmarks” we keep hearing so much about are the very thing that builds our planetariums and museums, pays for greenways and the arts, funds beautification programs and builds better school facilities.

Without them, Congress would spend so much time negotiating every little thing they would get almost nothing done.

If you really want your vote to make a difference, spend some time examining senators and congressmen you elect and vote for the person whose actions, not their words, reflect the choices that will affect your life in a positive way. It is his or her job to demand these earmarks. It is our job to send people who will do so responsibly.

Failure to do so will only ensure four years from now another savior will appear on the horizon and promise to “change” things for the better.