Watch for trick-or-treaters next week

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Throughout Brunswick County people are gearing up for next week’s night of tricks and treats.
In anticipation of next Wednesday’s Halloween activities, many people both old and young are finalizing plans for their Halloween costumes. Jack-o-lanterns are being carved and in many homes spooky decorations have been hung.
As you prepare for the night of fun, it’s a good time to focus on safety.
We recently wrote about the high number of fatal wrecks on Brunswick County roads. Just in the past week, that number has increased with three more people dying on local roadways.
In advance of Halloween, many adults may be going to parties this weekend to celebrate the occasion on a night off work. If you’re among those who plan to travel away from your home and you’ll consume alcohol, we call upon you to remember how important it is to arrange for a designated driver.
Next week, especially on Wednesday, it’s important to continue to be vigilant while you’re driving. When little trick-or-treaters head out to go door-to-door, most will be wearing costumes. Some of those costumes may be dark colored, making them difficult to see in darkness.
To make matters more dangerous, some costumes may obstruct children’s vision. That, coupled with the excitement of the night, could create a danger, especially if young people are walking along sidewalks and near roads.
Do your part to make sure all Brunswick County children have a safe Halloween. Drive slowly, watching children as they walk about. You never know when one may suddenly dash out in your direction.
If you’re a parent, equip your child with a flashlight or similar illumination. Also add reflective tape or other glowing elements to their costumes.
Don’t send your children out alone. Make sure a responsible adult is nearby at all times.
Or consider skipping going door-to-door altogether. Many local churches, towns and civic groups host Halloween events that help keep local kids off the street. There are several events listed in this week’s newspaper.
Once your children return home, don’t forget to inspect their candy before they have access to it. Toss out anything that looks suspicious.
If you’re looking for tips and suggestions about how to deal with all the sweets they’re likely to nab, check out the county extension column in the Tides section of this week’s Beacon.
Be vigilant and have fun next week.
We hope everyone has a safe and memorable night, whatever you choose to do.