WBHS performs 'Rumors'

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By Kathryn Jacewicz, Staff writer

What should be an evening of celebration quickly turns into a mystery involving blood betrayal and baffling situations.

“Rumors,” a farce by Neil Simon, was performed at the West Brunswick High School Theatre. The student-directed show involved a cast of 10 characters who walk into a night of chaos when arriving at the New York home of Charley and Myra Brock.

The Brocks are holding a party celebrating their 10th anniversary, but their friends arrive to find Myra nowhere in sight and Charley in an upstairs bedroom, bleeding from a gunshot wound to his ear.

While the guests first try to keep the accident a secret from each other, they come together and try to keep the secret from the police officer that shows up at the home later that night. Kyra Collins plays Chris Gorman, who arrives to the party first along with her husband Ken. “It’s so much fun and I just love my character,” she said.

Directed by senior Ashley Ross, “Rumors” is truly the students’ product, as they have done everything from the casting to blocking and even picked the show they wanted to perform. Ben Chambers said last year’s production of “Fools” inspired him to read more plays by Neil Simon. When he came across “Rumors,” he brought it to the table and everyone instantly came onboard.

Theatre arts instructor Jen Negron said it has been a challenge for the students to be directed by their peers, but it has been a great learning experience.

“You’ve got to let them have their triumphs but let them make their own mistakes,” she said. “They had their obstacles, but they’ve pulled it together. I think they really learned a lot.”