We’re looking for interesting Brunswick Countians to tell their stories

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By Stacey Manning, Managing Editor

When was the last time you sat down with a friend, neighbor, classmate or fellow churchgoer and thought, “Wow, what an interesting person!”?

When was the last time you had a chat with someone and their life story was so interesting you couldn’t wait to share it with the next person you spoke with?

Has there been a person in the community who has shared his or her life experiences with you and you’ve thought, “Man, someone should write this down.”

Well, that’s exactly what we want to do.

The Brunswick Beacon is gaining attention across the state for being a watchdog news publication—a publication that stays on top of the inner workings of community government. We’re quick to report on things as they happen and often offer in-depth details about government decisions and what they mean for our readers.

But we’re a whole lot more than that.

Our goal here at the Beacon is to tell the whole story of the community we live in. While crimes and government play important roles, so do the stories of the people who live here.

There have been far too many times I have read or processed a person’s obituary only to wish someone—anyone—would have alerted us to the interesting person so we could have shared his or her story with the world.

While obituaries pay beautiful and accurate tributes to the people who have lived and died here, we think there are plenty of people who deserve more—who deserve to have their stories shared with others now.

So that’s why I am reaching out to you, our devoted readers.

Do you know someone you’d call a hero? Do you know someone who has a career so interesting it could be adapted for the big screen?

Do you have a friend or neighbor who has a talent like no other? Maybe you know someone who is a behind-the-scenes person, but who selflessly gives of him or herself to others.

Those are the people we want to know about. We want to share features stories of everyone—from someone with an incredible talent to others with beautiful, giving, kind hearts.

While we feel like we do a decent job finding out who these people are, we could do better and you can help.

Suggest people for us to write stories about. We’re looking for everyday people doing unique, interesting things.

Have you ever driven past someone’s home or business and wondered what goes on there? Have you seen someone out in the community and wanted to know exactly what his or her story is? Please let us know.

You can e-mail your story ideas and suggestions to me at editor@brunswickbeacon.com. You can also call me here at the office at 754-6890. I can’t promise we’ll get to every recommendation, but I do promise to add them to our list and then review them regularly for possible stories.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Help us tell our community’s stories by making suggestions to us. 

Everyone has a story; we’re here to tell them.