We need God control, not gun control

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To the editor:
As expected, many in our country are crying out for gun control after the school massacre that took place in Newtown, Conn. However, the problem is not the availability of guns. The problem is with the depravity of the human heart. A killer will find a way to kill.
Every school in America needs a security officer. We used to have One until the early 1960s. His name is God. He was on duty with prayer, Bible reading, and the Ten Commandments.
He was on duty in the lives of Christians and Christian churches being the salt and light of society. This helped save people from being enslaved to their own sinful nature or, at least, reproved them to the point that they could restrain themselves from openly committing such outrageous, ungodly acts.
Now that we have banned the Lord from being proclaimed the One who established this country with our God-given rights and acknowledging (as did our founding fathers) that this free republic cannot endure without religion (meaning Christianity) and morality, we are suffering the consequences.
The United States is being destroyed morally, financially, physically, educationally and militarily.
We need God control, not gun control.
Jay W. Shutt
Shallotte and Hamlet