West Brunswick seeking new football coach

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Scott Frazier resigns after one season

By Staff Report

Staff Report

Citing personal reasons, West Brunswick High School football  coach Scott Frazier resigned Thursday, May 22, after one season at West.

“I have truly enjoyed my time here at West with both the staff and the players,” he said. “I have been very encouraged by the way these young men have worked in the off-season and look forward to seeing what great things they achieve in the future."

Athletic director Jimmy Fletcher said he was surprised by the resignation.

“I have truly enjoyed working with Coach Frazier and wish him all the best,” he said.

"I wish Scott Frazier well in his future endeavors,” Principal Brock Ahrens said. “I appreciate the time and work Scott has put into our football program and in the classroom.”

During the football awards ceremony Jan. 27 at Highest Praise Church, Frazier said the Trojan football season was a metaphor for reality. West finished 4-8.

“A lot of times life is like we started out this year: 0-5. The biggest question is what do you do when you’re 0-5? What do you in that circumstance as opposed to being undefeated.

“Our guys kept fighting and clawing and scratching. Instead of doing what so many in today’s society would have done — pack it in, what’s the use — we didn’t do that.

“At that point, 0-5, who would have said that we would finish fourth in a seven-team 4A/3A conference, that we would be the 3A conference champion, that we would host a playoff game and win a playoff game at home for the first time since 2009?

“You’re 0-5 and get to that point, that’s a lot,” Frazier said, getting applause. “And if you do that in life, you’re a success.”

In addition to hiring a football coach, West Brunswick is also seeking new coaches in volleyball and baseball.