What happened to our towns?

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To the editor:
What happened to our towns? Shallotte and Ocean Isle Beach are no longer a haven but a bust.
We are losing our trees and much-needed forest for animals that have lives here, more than likely longer than the ones that are voting the cut down of their homes.
We, in the middle of this destruction of property, we in Shallotte and Ocean Isle, are having wild animals come up into our yards. From raccoons and deer, wild hogs, bears, more snakes and many others. My garden and all of my peaches and pears have been eaten instead of canned or frozen for our family.
Most of the places being built are not affordable, like the retirement homes. How can retirees afford $2,900 a month up to $3,200 per month?
Come on people, let’s share. We need trees and forest. That’s for our air quality and the animals.
Give back. Stop taking so much.
I miss our small town feel. Look how many businesses that have had to close down.
People, we are the ones that are losing!
Carolyn Saville
Ocean Isle Beach