What has happened to the school board?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: What has happened to the Brunswick County Board of Education? Their leadership has never been great, and I think it’s time for a new board.

Last year, when it came to an appointment to the Brunswick Community College board, the board chairman told Ray Gilbert they would appoint a black person next time, but Shirley Babson stated after they appointed another white this time, there is always another time.

This school board has not led this system in the right direction. We have no diversity programs; fewer than 10 percent minority teachers; blacks, fired out of the system without a board hearing; a superintendent allowed to

create jobs and bring people in without allowing people already in the system to move up; and drawing district plans for students without total public opinion.

I think it’s time for the public to weed these people out of the election process. We have too many problems with budget shortfalls, trained teachers, better schools and equipment. We don’t need more division of races by unfair treatment or lack of a sense of knowing or understanding of different cultures because of no diversity training.

If these people represent a political party, we don’t need that party. If these people don’t represent a party, then the party needs to talk to them about resigning from office.

If we are serious about our children, education and freedom and justice for all, help get these officials off the board. Get some serious-minded people in these positions so the future will be bright for everyone.