What is your New Year’s resolution?

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Andy Thompson, Shallotte

“To learn something new.”


Sandy Strickland, Little River, S.C.

“To get healthier, to donate more time and effort for volunteering and spoil my nephew Zane.”


Anna Woodard, Ash

“To enjoy every second with my new baby boy Gray and with my family and friends.”


Cheryl Lewis, Whiteville:

“To continue to raise two beautiful and healthy kids, Gavin and Riley. My kids are my No. 1 priority.”


Kayla Taylor, Shallotte

“To be a better person and to spend money more wisely.”


Michael and Jennifer Gore, Ocean Isle Beach

Jennifer: “The most important thing is to raise money for my husband’s rehabilitation. He was in a car accident a year ago.”

Michael: “To get out of this wheelchair.”


Bobby Bollinger with Tori, Ocean Isle Beach

“To get in better shape for all of my sports.”

Tori: “To eat more bones.” (Tori is a dog)


Patrick Bollinger with Makayla Handle and Missy, Ocean Isle Beach

Patrick: “To have a better year in school.”

Makayla: “To grow.”

Missy: “To get bigger.” (Missy is a dog)


Damonte Daniels, Longwood

“To help others.”


Brenda Middleton, Shallotte

“To smile more so people will know I have the love of Christ in my heart.”


Pete Macon, Sunset Beach

 “To get enough money to move to Colorado. My little brother lives there and there aren’t any bugs.”