Where is justice for Jaronn?

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Jaronn Ladale McAllister, we haven’t forgotten about you.
We realize we didn’t know you before March 1, 2012, but there’s nary a week that has gone by since we haven’t thought of you.
Each time we see a picture of your smiling face, it makes it that much harder to digest what happened to you.
Our hearts are heavy as we try to understand how anyone could harm a little 3-year-old boy.
Your autopsy report tells the tale of your final hours, but still now almost a year after you took your last breath, we don’t affirmatively know what happened to you.
How did you get 50 bruises on your tiny body?
What happened that caused five lacerations on your little liver?
Who hit you so hard that you died from blunt-force trauma?
How could anyone have done this to you?
And more importantly, why hasn’t anyone been charged in your death?
We understand the wheels of justice spin slowly, but in your case they seem not to be spinning at all.
Why has no one yet been held accountable for all the horrific things that have happened to you?
Police and prosecutors have all claimed a personal, deep commitment to seeking your justice.
And yet no one has been charged for killing you.
We respect the process of a thorough investigation. We want nothing more than for every last bit of evidence to have been sorted through, reviewed and tested. We want every witness interviewed time and time again.
We want nothing more than when this case goes to trial—and we pray it someday does—the evidence to be so overwhelming that the person who did this to you never sees a day outside of a jail.
But it’s been a year, and we think that’s far too long.
It’s too long for a grieving family to wonder exactly what happened.
It’s too long for your community to wonder if justice will ever be yours.
Jaronn Ladale McAllister, we have not forgotten about you.
We will not let your story die.
We will not stop telling your story.
We will keep it alive as a tribute to your memory—as a tribute to all the little boys and girls in this world who have died at the hands of another.
We will stand by you and lift up your memory until justice has been served.
Little Jaronn, we hope you now rest peacefully among the angels. We hope someday those here you have left behind can rest, too, knowing that eventually, justice will be served.