Why are cases dismissed?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

Each week, I examine the long list of cases at our district court. I am amazed at the high percentage of cases that are “voluntarily dismissed.”

Maybe I do not understand this terminology, but I think this means for some reason the cases were dismissed and the defendant is allowed to walk away unpunished. Is this true?

Why are 40-50 percent of the cases dismissed? Is there a reasonable explanation for this? Surely, I must be wrong. We would not go to all the trouble of writing up these cases and then dismiss half of them.

OK, I am going to guess there are so many cases to hear we throw out one-half of them before we ever start. I suppose the thinking is: “Well, since each case could theoretically be heard, it serves as some level of criminal deterrence to write them up, even if so many are dismissed.”

Someone restrain me, please. What happened? I am looking at one of these write-ups and I am thinking...dismiss this! If a guy has a revoked license, expired tags, no inspection sticker and no insurance and is caught driving on our highways, then do something!

Good grief! It is ridiculous we cannot come up with something better than “voluntarily dismissed, have a nice day!”

D.G. Wade

Sunset Beach