A woman can be president, but not this one

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Though I am a man, it has been my hope that in my lifetime a person of the gentler gender would be considered qualified to ascend to our nation’s highest office.

A woman is presently serving as Speaker of the House of Representatives. A woman is also our Secretary of State and another has already preceded her. We have women senators and governors.

Yes, now is the time, and with all the qualified and experienced women who are out there, is Sen. Hillary Clinton really the best choice?

I, and most who have followed this woman’s career, knew of her intentions over a decade ago. When she ran for the senate, we knew she was actually grooming herself for the presidency.

Though there is nothing wrong with any of that, I find myself saying this is the right time, but is she the right one to make history as the first woman president?

Once one becomes a viable candidate for this office “above all others,” that person’s personal life and the way it is handled is held to a higher standard and I believe that is as it should be.

During the conclusion of a recent TV debate, Clinton received the most enthusiastic applause from the attending audience when she made reference to the tough times she has endured.

That was a clear reference to how she has held up courageously during the decades of unfaithfulness by her philandering husband.

Personally, I was appalled and did not feel she deserved any praise for that. If it were not solely for her political ambition, I imagine she would have done the right thing and divorced this man long ago.

She could have shown her strength and character by doing just that and then making her run for the highest office strictly on her own merits.

Though it may appear that what I have written is a veiled endorsement of Sen. Clinton’s opponent, that is not the case. It’s just that I still have a fond and cherished recall of what was once “Camelot.”

Though we can’t go back, we should not make a mistake while going forward. I do believe our country has had enough of both the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

I know there is an experienced and qualified woman waiting in the wings with a loving and faithful husband and family, and hopefully in my lifetime she will be the first woman president of the United States of America and we will all be proud.