Writer disagrees with Zullo letter

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: This is in response to Mr. Ralph Zullo’s letter of last week.

First, Mr. Zullo, let me thank you for your service to our nation in Korea.

Second, I believe the eight grades of education you received through the 1940s contained much more substantive and useful knowledge than many high school graduates receive today.

And now to the meat of your letter.

History must be viewed from the advantage of time and perspective influence, allowing emotional recollections and personal bias to be replaced with fact. President Harry Truman had extremely low popularity ratings when he was president, but time has been very good to his memory.

You say the price of peanut butter did not go up when Jimmy Carter was president, but in truth we had double-digit inflation, and the price of everything went up. The economy was a wreck, especially for those of us buying a home for the first time.

I paid 13.75 percent interest on my house, and I know others who were paying over 18 percent.

I can’t speak to the price of movie tickets when Reagan was president, but during his presidency, inflation slowed to a crawl; the unemployment rate dropped; interest rates dropped, and the economy began the longest expansion in American history.

It can be argued expansion is still going on with only a couple of short recessions during Bush One and the Clinton presidencies.

The main media and Democratic politicians wish and talk up recession today and, granted, things have slowed and inflation is raising its ugly head, but we are not in a recession now.

As to the cost of gas, it can be argued President Carter’s refusal to support the Shah of Iran and allowing the U.S. to be humiliated by the Ayatollah cast the die for America to lose its energy independence. President Carter is not alone on this issue, though.

Congress and every president have failed to perform their duties and turned their back on domestic oil production and nuclear energy and have allowed us to become vulnerable to foreign powers.

You spoke of the oil barons getting rich off the high cost of oil. One of the largest oil barons profiting from the high cost of oil is a California state government retirement fund.

Would you have the government take away profits from tens of thousands of retirees?

When the Democrats won control of Congress, Nancy Pelosi said the Democrats had a plan to lower the price of oil and make the U.S. energy-independent.

Well, the Democrats have been in charge for almost two years and what have they got to show for it?

If Gore had been elected and had appointed the two Supreme Court justices instead of Bush, the right to carry a firearm would have been taken away instead of being reaffirmed as it was two weeks ago (it was upheld by only one vote).

Your argument against the government stimulus check is partially correct. You must include Congress in this “welfare vote-buying scheme.”

The money they are giving away is not “the government’s” to give away! The government does not have money; it takes money from those who have earned it and gives it, in many cases, to those who haven’t. If the politicians really wanted to stimulate the economy, they could eliminate the gas tax.

Bush has defended this country from further attacks since 9/11. That is a president’s job. If only Clinton and Carter had been as diligent to protect and defend as Mr. Bush has.

Bush and far too many other Republicans have crossed the aisle to kiss up to the Democrats. I cannot think of one instance in recent history when the Democrats have crossed over to the Republican side.

I know of no Republican president or leader who has stood on foreign soil and demeaned this country. The Democrats do it regularly.

You say President Bush should resign. If I were him, I would have resigned a long time ago with the admonition: I have had enough of the whining and crying of you Democrats and your elitist friends in Hollywood and the press.

I would also ask my vice president to resign as well, and then you would have Pelosi as president. The lunatics would be running the asylum.