Writer has Obama Derangement Syndrome

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To the editor:
It seems staff writer Caroline Curran has Obama Derangement Syndrome.
Her “Obama’s chicken and egg” column is full of distortions and misinformation. She never quotes Obama, but she puts her words in his mouth while fabricating a straw-man argument to mislead readers.
Her assertion Obama is anti-business is false. Obama cut taxes for small businesses; rescued the American auto industry; introduced the American Jobs Act (blocked repeatedly by Republicans); and created more than 4 million private-sector jobs.
I’m baffled that Curran sees a competition between business and infrastructure. Obama and Romney both that infrastructure promotes an economy where businesses can start, grow and thrive.
Take the Beacon, for example. Where would the Beacon be without educated readers, the Internet and the post office? I would expect college courses like Business 101 and Critical Thinking 101 would some benefit Beacon staff writers.
John Sexton