Writer is an insult to others

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To the editor:
This letter is in response to Mary Ann Baker’s letter on Jan. 17.
I have not attended a Calabash monthly board meeting in more than three months. Maybe Mary Ann does not know what I look like. So I don’t know what she is talking about all the outbursts.
As for my wife and myself, we only stepped down as volunteers, along with all but two members.
This was one of the saddest decisions we had to make, and also for our town. My wife, Daria Buccilli, is still the liaison of community service.
Yes, as a taxpayer, I am happy that the books in the town are finally straightened out, but at what cost ($1,350 for a partial month)? What will the final cost be in five more months?
I, too, would like to see this board stop all the nonsense and try to get along and do something productive for this town.
You started out good. What happened?
You, Mrs. Baker, are well known to our street in Calabash Acres. With your attitude, you have insulted each and every one of us.
John Buccilli