Yen for yoga: Classes get to the heart and chi of movement

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By Laura Lewis, Reporter

CALABASH — To the beat of peace, well-being and good intentions, Nancy Smith led Christine Fauske and Page Jones through the positions of smooth-flow yoga on a recent Tuesday morning.

Smith, owner of the newly opened Movement Works holistic dance, yoga and martial arts center, and her students were in their element.

“Yogash chita vritti nirodha,” Smith’s website, www.mvmtworks.com, states, citing Sanskrit: “Yoga is the cessation of mental fragmentation.”

Yoga: Oneness. Chitta: Mind. Vritti: Wave, the action of rolling, modification, way of being. Nirodha: Cessation.

But Smith’s favorite yoga word is “Namaste,” meaning “the light within me recognizes the light within you,” she said.

“That’s what yoga is for me — a light, a spark, and a flame, something igniting creative energy.”

The simple word, she says, allows individuals to come together to a place of “connection and timelessness.”

Smith loves yoga because its asanas (postures) transform not only bodies but “our thoughts (and) spirits.”

In addition to flow yoga, classes offered at the studio range from basic beginning yoga to yoga for kids as well as tweens and teens, adult gentle yoga and candlelight yoga Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The longtime dance and yoga instructor advises students to come to class with a “good intention,” if they wish, to help them focus.

“This may be to become more aware and understanding, more loving and compassionate, or healthier, stronger and skillful,” she says. “Your intention may also be for the benefit of a friend, a cause — or even yourself.”

A variety of other classes are offered at the new facility, which opened in February in a freshly renovated building that previously housed a diner at 9500 Ocean Highway West. Classes range from toddler dancing to kid and adult karate and tap dance, stretch-and-tone, Zumba, pilates, and shag dance.

For more information, go to the Movement Works website or call the office at 579-4845 or 250-9348.


Laura Lewis is a staff writer for the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or llewis@brunswickbeacon.com.