You can ask Kay, but don’t expect answers

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To the editor:
Sen. Kay Hagan sponsored a Twitter town hall on April 9 asking constituents to directly engage her with questions on veterans’ and military family issues.
It should have been titled “#AskKayOnlyIfYouAgreeWithHer.”
The senator answered ONLY a few soft-ball, pre-planned questions.
Sadly, she ignored multiple questions of significance about Second Amendment issues for veterans, answers on the four dead Americans in Benghazi, troop support in North Carolina, sequester issues and the like.
She completely ignored the more than 25 Heritage Action Sentinels, many veterans and private citizens on the stream.
Sen. Hagan should remember she represents ALL North Carolinians.
This event reminded us of the town halls of 2010 when so many members of Congress got the hard-hitting questions and resorted to hiding.
North Carolina needs real leaders who are not afraid to tackle the hard questions.
To Sen. Hagan, we say: #NoWayKay!
Ginny Quaglia and
Mary Ann McCarthy
N.C. Heritage Action Sentinels
Ocean Isle Beach