Youth celebrate 4-H week

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Youth all over the county joined together recently for National 4-H Week.

Their activities began at the county commissioners’ meeting last week when an official proclamation was made to observe Oct. 5-11 as National 4-H Week.

More activities will follow, including: a county employee fitness walk, card-making workshop to make gifts for veterans, teens reading to kindergarten classes, dancing lessons, plus dinner and a movie in the Brunswick County Botanical Garden.

4-H is one of the largest youth development organizations in North Carolina and the largest in the nation with six million young people. 4-H in North Carolina claims 204,000 youth members and 19,000 adult volunteers, while Brunswick County’s 4-H program numbers more than 70 members, 200 participants and more than 20 adult volunteers. They also reach more than 1,100 students through its school enrichment programs.

In honor of National 4-H week, local Brunswick County 4-H youth have written: “What 4-H means to me,” in hopes to share with others their enthusiasm and passion for the organization:

What 4-H means to me…by Bobbi Jane Lawrence (age 7): “4-H is fun, you should try it! I loved Chew-Chew and Pottery camp. I also enjoyed jumping in the 4-H talent show and getting a certificate and a 4-H bear.”

What 4-H means to me…by Amelia Apple (age 7): “4-H means learning stuff. I also learn different crafts.”

What 4-H means to me…by Alexis Apple (age 10): “4-H means having fun doing projects. My favorite project was doing the embryology with the chicken eggs. When my chicken hatched on Feb. 19, I was so excited. I named him Fudge. He has grown up to be a big Rhode Island Red rooster!”

What 4-H means to me…by Thomas J. Jordan (third-grade): “I am a third-grade homeschooler. I really like 4-H because I not only get to do lots of cool things

but ‘coolness’ is what being in 4-H brings!”

What 4-H means to me…by William C. Jordan III (sixth-grade): “I can reload my camera with film and take as many shots as I can. 4-H allows me do this. 4-H means that I CAN.”

What 4-H means to me…by Angelique Apple (age 12): “4-H means a lot to me. It is a great adventure. It teaches you a lot. It means service to others. It also means leadership and creativity. I have had so much fun with fashion design, service projects and hatching out eggs. I am now trying my hand at Lego Robotics. Thanks 4-H for a wonderful opportunity.”

What 4-H means to me…by Sammi Lawrence (age 13): “4-H is fun and educational. In this past year, I have learned so much through 4-H and had fun while learning. I learned how to make jewelry, paint pottery and sew garments. I also learned about horse breeds, wildlife and the environment. My personal favorite experience was decorating cakes with Mrs. Mary Lou. In addition to this, I went to District Activity Day to perform in the talent show and was able to watch many presentations. I particularly like the food presentations and have decided to prepare my own food presentation for next year. 4-H means fun, excitement, learning and hanging out with friends. 4-H is for everybody and is soooo much fun.”

To learn how to become a 4-H member or volunteer leader in Brunswick County, contact Blair Green, extension agent, 4-H Youth Development & Livestock, or Leslie Wilson, program assistant, 4-H Youth Development, at Brunswick County Cooperative Extension at 253-2610 or e-mail blair_wooten@ncsu.edu or leslie_wilson@ncsu.edu.