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  • Bits-n-Boots has fun day

    Bits-n-Boots, the newly chartered Brunswick County 4-H Horse Club, hosted its first club fun day recently. In addition to the nearly 20 club members and four volunteer club leaders, four breeds of horses were exhibited, including the American Paint Horse, Appaloosa, Shetland pony and an Arabian.

  • Brunswick County 4-H’ers get the chance to go to summer camp

    Each year, youth from around the state travel to 4-H camps with their county 4-H agent. This year will be no exception, as Brunswick County 4-H’ers will be attending Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center Aug. 7-12.

  • Is spring really here and what is best to plant right now?

  • Why wetlands are environmentally important

    By Tom Woods

    Master Gardener

  • Getting kids to eat healthy

    Many adults have terrible memories of being forced to eat vegetables as children. Often, parents dread “food fights” over veggies with their own children at the dinner table. 

  • Vegetable calendar: Planning for year ‘round harvest

    With a little planning, you can harvest fresh vegetables from your own backyard most of the year. Vegetables can be grown outside in southeast North Carolina from late winter through late fall. If you are willing to invest in a low-cost cold frame or unheated tunnel house, harvesting through the winter is easily possible. The key to growing a productive vegetable garden in all seasons is knowing what to plant when.

    The gardener’s calendar

  • Local fruit tree production

    Our climate is what determines the type of fruit that will grow successfully in Brunswick County. The climate must be compatible with the growing requirements of the selected fruit crop. Before you start your garden, make sure the fruit you choose can grow successfully in your area.

  • Gardening for fun and food

    Getting down and dirty in a garden can help you grow nutrient-rich produce for your family and help everyone grow a healthier body at the same time. Add the stress-reducing benefits of fresh air and sunshine and you’ve got a win-win with fun, fitness and great tasting produce from one activity.

  • Enjoy a better night’s sleep

    Sleep is one of the most important, but often neglected, aspects of a healthy lifestyle. When Shakespeare’s Macbeth called sleep “chief nourisher of life’s feast,” he was providing some sound advice. Many surveys indicate that Americans are not getting enough sleep, which may contribute to a number of problems.

    Too little sleep has been linked to overeating and being overweight, increased risk of diabetes and heart problems, decreased attention span, poorer grades in school and more depression. 

  • Moles: There is no easy answer

    Forget the groundhog. There’s one sure sign spring is on the way popping up in yards all over eastern North Carolina: mole tunnels. Though moles tunnel actively all year, the tunnels they make in spring and fall are usually more obvious because they are closer to the soil surface. Unfortunately, there is no easy, fast solution to rid a yard of moles. Instead, effective mole control relies on patience, persistence and a little knowledge about their habits and behaviors.

    The ways of moles