• Eight simple rules for life's journey

     Untimely deaths often bring a new awareness of life. When the deaths are those of central figures in the media or sitcoms or leaders of nations, we are forced into seeing life anew. I would suspect some folks will be unwilling to enter the experience. It may be they are coping with personal losses and the subsequent reconstruction of their life. For them, the degree of difficulty is prohibitive. Others may enter with mixed emotions, anxiously acknowledging their desire yet willing to learn new skills in adapting to existence without a loved one.

  • God speaks in the midst of storminess
  • God speaks in the midst of storminess
  • Look inside and find a prize

     Before we know it, the stores will be boasting holiday music and holiday gift choices. Folks will be scheduling holiday parties. The air will be charged with anticipation and a degree of anxiety.  I was at a local department store last week where sales were gobbled up in expectation of the season. Stow the gift with hope of remembering the storage spot was the cry!

  • Friends never let friends live unchallenged lives

     Do you remember ads proclaiming “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk?”They were always accompanied by quick snapshots of teens who were willingly braved ridicule to prevent fatality. They dared to lose a friendship before they would participate in the loss of a friend. 

  • What can we learn from reality shows?
  • Look beyond what you view and really see

     I belong to a wondrous group of women who gather monthly for conversation. We describe the meeting as a book club, but it is so much more than that. Our sharing starts with comments on the designated reading, typically only one chapter at each gathering. It rarely remains there. Quickly, the chosen topics evolve into our personal life stories and wisdom emerges. Laughter fills the room. Shared sorrow is accompanied by servings of joy. Age differences melt in the heat of life’s commonality. We are one and it is lovely.

  • To build sandcastles is to believe in the power of the present moment

     Perhaps it is the aging process that has engaged my heart. The reality of having celebrated a recent birthday that reminded me how close I am to the onset of another decade of life, God willing, may well have been another catalyst to my contemplation of presence and absence. It may have triggered my meditation on the power of NOW. Whatever the cause, the effect is lingering.

  • Awareness deepens lifelong learning

     Centers for lifelong learning have popped up everywhere. Designated in a straightforward manner or ensconced in “senior centers,” opportunities to broaden and deepen one’s life experience are both available and affordable. Some offer courses without charge. Others bear a minimal fee. It appears living longer has evoked a desire to live more deeply. We really aren’t going to get into heaven in a rocking chair!

  • There is pain and power in deciding

     Decision-making is, at once, the most difficult and the most liberating of all human activities. Even the most forthright and determined persons feel the unique suffering involved in making a choice. We all know each “yes” we pronounce commits us to a “no” as well. Every choice has a consequence.