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  • You’re probably familiar with malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya and West Nile virus. The latest unwelcome addition to this mosquito-borne disease list is Zika virus. Here are five things every pet owner needs to know about Zika virus.

    1.     What is Zika virus?


    There you are, drifting along in life. No matter how hard you try, you never seem to accomplish your goals. You’re always getting sidetracked.

    What’s up with that? And is there an app for it?

    With everything on your platter, it may seem like it’s all you can do to get to the bottom of your to-do list.  And then it feels like you’re just existing, rather than really living, your life.


    WHAT are you doing — and WHY?

  • By John Nelson


    “With sudden roar the aged pine tree falls – one crash, the death-hymn of the perfect tree, declares the close of its green century.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Woodnotes”


  • ‘Tis the season of love — with Valentine hearts and flowers and chocolate and wine and serenading and hugs and fishes, too.

    Those are just some of the things out there to cherish and cheer loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

    Let us count just some of the myriad ways to celebrate.


    Silver Coast Winery is once again staging a sweet Wine & Chocolate Pairing this Valentine’s weekend, which is perfect, winery officials say, for celebrating with your sweetie or Singles Awareness Day with friends.

  •  A reader recently wrote me about her beloved Dachshund who became tragically paralyzed. She asked for more information on spinal injuries in dogs. Here are five fast facts every dog owner should know about back injuries.  


    What does it mean for a spinal disc to rupture?

  • By Linda Arnold

     Look around you. I’m sure you’ll see your share of “Susie Sunshines” and “Donald Downers” out there. And those who fall in the middle.

    Are some folks just born more cranky? Or more perky? Or, are they conditioned through life experiences?

  •  By John Nelson

    Before the onslaught of Western culture in the Southeast, there existed stunning forests of a particular pine, a pine that towered well more than 100 feet high, with trunks seven feet in diameter, true Southern giants. Try as you might now, you will not happen upon such a scene now: groves of these, thick within the Sandhills, as far as the eye can see.

  •  It was around 1998 when I first became interested in CO2 laser surgery. I had returned from a surgical lecture presented by a university professor friend. During his presentation, he casually mentioned his school had recently purchased a human surgical laser. They had begun using it on a variety on cases, especially oral tumors, and were pleased with the results so far.

  •  By Linda Arnold


    How many times have you heard — or said:

    •    Time is of the essence
    •    Time is on my side
    •    We need more quality time
    •    Or, my personal favorite: Timing is everything.

    These points hit home awhile back when I made a nursing home visit with our informal therapy dog, Chloe (following in the paw prints of her golden retriever pal, Barney).

  •   By John Nelson

    Walking around in a salt marsh can be a challenging experience. You have to select the right trousers and footwear, of course. In the summer, you must consider no-see-ums, flies and other visitors. Without a strong breeze, and in hot weather, the aroma of the marsh may become stifling. Then there are the issues of protection from the sun, and dealing with treacherous substrates. Pluff mud and oyster shells can be encountered. And of course, you have to pay attention to the tides!