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  •  We all have heard someone say, “It’s an acquired taste,” when describing a favorite dish or drink or some exotic gourmet food. If you have to “acquire a taste” to enjoy it, then how tasty can it be to begin with? How many of us would try a particular food or drink, dislike it, and then purposely set out to relive that experience again and again?

  •  By Linda Arnold


    If you’ve already worked today’s Sudoku or crossword puzzle, try this brainteaser. 

    See if you can rank the following habits, which people say they want to quit, on a scale of 1 to 20:

  •  Kelly Rebecca Smith of Shallotte is celebrating her 40th birthday Wednesday, Nov. 4.

  •  By this time, most folks know that I am enthralled by the words and work of Richard Rohr, OFM. His theology and philosophy of life converge on a single theme: both/and. His presentations, programs, books and very person exude an enthusiasm for the simplicity and complexity of paradoxical living based on the reality that we are always living in the ambience of both this and that, both here and there, both now and then.

  •  By Linda Arnold

    Even though it’s early, we’re starting to see glimpses of the upcoming holiday season. Retailers remind us to get our wish lists together and to get an early start on shopping.

    This got me thinking about wishes. And, as often happens when researching my column, I’ll hear something that results in an “a-ha” moment for me. True to form, this happened the other day when I read a proverb by the philosopher Philemon: “It is better to want what you have than to have what you want.”

  •  For many, fall simply means pumpkin. Some people carve them up as jack-o’-lanterns and others just set them on their porch or stairs as a symbol of the harvest and changing seasons. But what are you going to do with that pumpkin when you’re done with it?

    Have you ever thought of eating it? You really need to think about what you want to do with that pumpkin before you buy it, so it may be too late for this year. They all look great and the many colors and sizes are wonderful decorations, but not all are good eating pumpkins.

  •  There have been recent reports of distemper virus in wildlife in southern Brunswick County. While discovering distemper in foxes, raccoons and skunks is no surprise to most veterinarians, many pet owners are worried by this news. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from worried pet parents about this disease. Here are the facts you need to know to keep your pet safe.


    What is distemper?

  •  Untimely deaths often bring a new awareness of life. When the deaths are those of central figures in the media or sitcoms or leaders of nations, we are forced into seeing life anew. I would suspect some folks will be unwilling to enter the experience. It may be they are coping with personal losses and the subsequent reconstruction of their life. For them, the degree of difficulty is prohibitive. Others may enter with mixed emotions, anxiously acknowledging their desire yet willing to learn new skills in adapting to existence without a loved one.

  •  By John Nelson

    “If the fruit be not ripe, it will draw a man’s mouth to much torment.”— attributed to Capt. John Smith of Jamestown