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  • New management brings welcome changes at animal shelter

    SUPPLY—Peggy Burns and Pamela Socha were busy clipping puppy nails, while Jill Baxter walked—or tried to walk—Lyla, a medium-sized Basenji mix dog outside the fenced canine play yard.

    Having volunteers help with homeless, adoptable animals is just one of the changes that have occurred since the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office took over management of the county animal shelter in July.

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  • Winning dance 'star' charged with sex offense with a child

    The owner of a Leland dance studio is out on bond after being charged with a first-degree statutory sex offense with a child.

    On Aug. 17 Leland police charged Jamie Kyle Watson, 36, of 115 Holly St., Leland, with two counts of sexual offense with a child younger than 13.

    A man complained to the police department alleging Watson, owner of Revolutionz Dance Studio, had committed a sex offense involving the man’s child.

  • Testimony continues in Bryant murder trial

    Day two of testimony in the Craig Bryant murder trial began with accusations by the defense of a discovery violation by the prosecution.

    Mike Willis, Bryant’s defense attorney, started the morning by telling Thomas H. Lock, superior court judge, that he felt there was a discovery violation because the prosecution’s witness Robert Schomp testified he had spoken with between five and seven police officers and he only had one report from a drug agent and two letters.

    “The court could even dismiss the case,” Willis said.

  • Fourth rabies case reported in Brunswick County

    Another wild animal in the Oak Island area has tested positive for rabies. This time it was a bobcat on the mainland on Long Beach Road.

    On Aug. 17, a man saw a bobcat chasing his dog. The bobcat took one swipe at the dog and then ran into the woods. The dog lay down.

    The man knew about rabies and did not to handle the dog right away but waited for any saliva to dry. The dog was current on its rabies shots so it only needed a booster shot. The man did not come in contact with the bobcat.

  • Testimony begins in murder trial of Craig Bryant

    BOLIVIA—Testimony began Wednesday in the murder trial of Craig Bryant.

    Bryant, 50, is accused of killing Shallotte Realtor Adam Bradshaw in 2008.

    Jury selection finished on Wednesday morning in Brunswick County Superior Criminal Court with Thomas H. Lock as the presiding judge.

  • Sunset Beach offers reduced recycling cost

    SUNSET BEACH—The cost of countywide recycling for the town just got a reduction.

    Sunset Beach Mayor Pro Tem Lou DeVita said at a monthly town council workshop Tuesday the town had just gotten word that Waste Industries would offer a cost reduced from the previous $77 to $43.80 “if you could get 100 people to sign up in one fell swoop.”

  • Consultant reviews final assessment report with school board

    SOUTHPORT—A consultant whose quality assurance review team assessed Brunswick County Schools says it’s normal to find areas where improvement is needed.

    “This is voluntary—we don’t come here to brow-beat you,” Joe Delaney of AdvancED said at the Brunswick County Board of Education retreat Aug. 15, when the final report was reviewed.

    “We come here to tell you, take a look at what you do, make clear delineation between those functions, stay with it,” he said, citing board and administrative responsibilities.

  • Calabash hashes out tax collector position

    CALABASH—Following much debate, the town board has decided to retain its longtime tax collector.

    The decision came at the town board of commissioners’ monthly meeting Aug. 14.

    Town tax collector Carolyn Silvers said she would go ahead and retire after town commissioners Jody Nance and Charles “Buddy” Walton said there are problems with two people working in the town hall office.

    Silvers said she had requested not to return until after the new year in 2013.

  • Most Brunswick County students return to school Monday

    Set your alarm clocks. It’s back-to-school time for Brunswick County Schools.

    While teachers reported back to school this week, students in Brunswick County Schools will officially return to classes next Monday, Aug. 27.

    To kick off the 2012-13 school year and help parents and students acclimate, Brunswick County Schools will have an open houses Thursday, Aug. 23.

    They will take place from 4:30-6:30 p.m. for elementary schools, 5-7 p.m. for middle schools and 5:30-7:30 p.m. for high schools.