Today's News

  • Shallotte Hardee's robbed Saturday night

    Shallotte police officers are investigating a robbery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping and assault by pointing a gun at Hardee’s on Main Street on Saturday night.

    Officers reported two suspects entered the store and rushed an employee into the office where the manager was. The suspects held employees against their will and stole $2,700 from the restaurant.

  • Carolina Shores mayor won't pursue e-mail breach

    CAROLINA SHORES—Mayor Stephen Selby said this week he doesn’t plan to further pursue a breach of his e-mail account at town hall.

    A few weeks ago, it was discovered Selby had not received e-mail sent to him at town hall for about a month because it had been “compromised.”

    Speaking at a town board of commissioners’ workshop Dec. 7, Selby said he did not receive e-mails sent to his town hall address from Oct. 19 through Nov. 23.

    All of his e-mail had been forwarded to a now defunct address, to “Mica Richards” at yahoo.com.

  • Midway property owners file suit against St. James

    Property owners in the Midway Road area, one of two areas the town of St. James has approved for involuntary annexation, recently filed suit against the town seeking to declare the annexation ordinance “null and void.”

    The suit claims the annexation plan does not meet the requirements of state statutes regarding annexation and criticizes methods the town used to select the property.

  • Shallotte charges Hardee's employee with aiding armed robbery

    Shallotte police officers have charged a Hardee’s employee in connection with a robbery at the restaurant on Main Street on Saturday night. Two other suspects remain at large.

    Jessica Danielle Cortes, 17, of 4731 Babson Road, Ash, has been charged with aiding and abetting an armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

    Arrests of the two suspected robbers are pending, police said Tuesday.

  • County tests water after sewer line break

    Water quality testing is being done on nearby areas on Benton Road in Bolivia following a sewer leak early Tuesday morning.

    John Nichols, assistant director of utility operations, said a minor leak in a relatively new line installed by developers of the Goose Marsh subdivision occurred Tuesday morning.

    “Evidently, there was a leak, which was apparent and just coming up through the ground,” he said. “We sent our forces down to repair it. They dug down to the pipe and they had to cut the line…after isolating the line to make the repair.”

  • Early Childhood Center open for classes

    The Early Childhood Education program at Brunswick Community College now has a building of its own.

    Construction of The Early Childhood Education Center is complete, and classes finished out the year in the newly constructed building Monday.

    Funded as part of a $30 million bond referendum passed by the county in November 2004, the $2.5 million dollar building provides 11,000 square feet of classrooms for instruction, an administration area and room for a future daycare center.

  • Cell phone usage prompts recommendation for bus drivers’ dismissals

    Confusion over cell phone usage policy for bus drivers has The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) trying to figure out why several bus drivers have been “recommended for dismissal.”

    Sandy Younce of the NCAE, who represents Brunswick County NCAE members, wrote an e-mail to then-board chairperson Shirley Babson on Oct. 30 to discuss confusion the policy has caused among bus drivers and school officials.

  • BOMB SQUAD explodes with first praise dance performance

    When a bomb explodes, it affects people in close proximity, and also communities, countries and people around the world.

    That’s what the BOMB SQUAD hopes to do by spreading the message of Jesus.

    BOMB SQUAD——Breaking Out My Box, Stepping Quickly Under Anointed Dancing—is a group of 12 children who perform praise dancing.

    Director Angie King said the group is a way for children to serve the Lord, share the message and reach out to those who may be disconnected.

  • Restaurants combine, form partnerships to meet customer needs in difficult economy

    In a laidback environment like Brunswick County, people enjoy gathering for informal chats over home-cooked breakfasts at friendly restaurants.

    A couple of Shallotte eateries, previously open only in the evenings, have realized the potential for breakfast and lunch crowds and reached out to other restaurateurs in need of places to operate.

    The arrangements have worked well, the owners say, providing some bright spots in an otherwise bleak economy.

  • Must-have plants for 2010

    Plant nerds and even casual gardeners always want to be the first on the block to have the latest, greatest plants. As your resident plant nerd, I feel compelled to offer my list of some must-have plants for the coming growing season.