Today's News

  • Fake credit cards are the latest in identity theft shenanigans

    As if there wasn’t enough corruption in the world to worry about, some dirty, underhanded criminals have come up with a new way to steal our credit card information.

    It’s called “cloning” or “skimming,” where machines are used to transfer innocent, unsuspecting, hard-working people’s account information onto fake credit cards where they can then be used at nearly any location that accepts cards.

  • This Mother's Day may be the best ever

    I’m looking forward to Sunday, and not just because it’s the weekend.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love weekends; but this Sunday is a special one. This Sunday will be my first Mother’s Day with my son.

    Two years ago, I couldn’t imagine myself as a mother. I had lots of practice mothering both my sister and my dog. They didn’t always like it, but like a mother, I was always there for them.

    When my sister was little I helped give her a bottle and change her diaper. As she got older, I bossed her around and chased away neighborhood bullies.

  • Citing new stimuli to spend, pay, gas up

    When my economic stimulus payment passed through town last Friday (I have the good fortune to own both a low Social Security number and direct deposit), about half of it was already spent on life’s necessities.

    I filled up the car tank with eau de petroleum and the human tanks at home with food! I made another mortgage payment!

  • District Court Docket

    The following cases were adjudicated over four days of District Criminal Court on April 23, 24, 28 and 29 in Bolivia.

    Wednesday, April 23

    Judge Marion R. Warren presided over the following cases with prosecutor Erin Holden and courtroom clerk Michelle Warth:

    Jerry Abbott Jr., speeding 64 in a 55 zone, $25 and costs.

    Vlasta Adamovska, improper equipment, costs.

    Allen Arthur Adducci, speeding 74 in a 60 zone, remit costs; driving while license revoked, voluntarily dismissed.

  • Brunswick County grand jury returns indictments April 21

    The Brunswick County Grand Jury under the direction of Judge Ola M. Lewis with prosecutor Rex Gore and courtroom clerk Kay Fowler returned the following indictments during a Superior Court session on April 21:

    Charles Rutherford Abercrombie, 22, of 73 Southport-Supply Road, Supply; felony breaking and/or entering, felony larceny after breaking/entering, felony conspiracy.

    Dana Lynn Bell, 29, of 19208 Mt. Misery Road, Leland; felony assault with deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury.

  • West Brunswick High announces honor roll

    West Brunswick High School has announced its third nine-weeks honor rolls. They are:

    A Honor Roll

    Ninth grade: Kayanna Causey, Darrell Cheers Jr., Jeffrey Evans, Summer Falgiano, Abigail Harrell, Brittany Hewett, Alex Humbert, December Martin, Maria Roblero Vasquez, Anna Zeng.

    Tenth grade: Taylor Ambrose, Abram Benz, Tyler Corcoran, Julianne Donoghue, Kiatra Frink, Brian Gore, Lekurt Jenrette, Taylor Madison, Karys Normansell, Rebecca Sidelinger, Savona Smith, Victoria Stanley, Krystal Vonwald.

  • BCC announces continuing education classes

    The Continuing Education and Workforce Development Department at Brunswick Community College offers short-term programs and classes for self-improvement, cultural enrichment, and academic achievement geared towards adults seeking intellectual stimulation, community involvement and social interaction, according to Karen Ladley, public information officer at the school.

  • Former prisoner pursues new-found artistry, spirituality

    A coastal sunrise breaks over the horizon, bathing in vivid hues a Carolina marsh looking very much like one in Brunswick County.

    Other coastal scenes are captured in the acrylic paintings of Brunswick County native Norman “Marshall” Gore, a former prisoner whose work was recently chosen for display and sale at Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash.

    Since his release from a halfway house in March after more than 25 years in prison, Gore, 46, is striving to launch a new career as an artist, in a new direction from his criminal past.

  • Special Olympics helps build character

    I was pretty excited to see the photo page on the Brunswick County Special Olympics in last week’s sports section.

    The excitement of competition was evident on all the participants’ faces—smiling and cheering, excitedly (although some timidly) working toward their goals. The young man with the shy smile holding the golf club really made me smile.

  • It's time to fire up the grill and start barbecuing!

    Nothing epitomizes summer cooking more than grilling; however, grilling can be very confusing. The more recipes, cookbooks and perspectives you encounter, the greater the diversity of opinion that arises.

    When do you apply the barbecue sauce? Gas or charcoal? Flip the food only once or frequently? High heat or low heat? Dry rubs or marinades? Cover closed or open? It can drive you nuts. Let’s check out the variables.