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  • Transportation one of our biggest state issues

    Sitting in traffic Tuesday morning waiting for the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge to lower so I could get moving, I was mulling over column ideas.

    I was listening to parents call and complain about the failing public schools system in North Carolina on local talk radio. But I didn’t feel like writing about the school system.

    As traffic finally began moving again, I was still searching the inner corners of my brain for an idea. My goal was to have my column all but written by the time I arrived at work. If only I could find the inspiration I needed, I would be set.

  • Finding kindness more difficult in crueler world

    Is it me, or is the world getting meaner?

    I mean, I don’t mean I’M getting meaner—although my mall-shopping, cell-phone-gabbin’ teenager may beg to differ. But a lot of other people in our community and world seem to be—getting meaner, I mean.

    All you have to do is scan through some of the local crime reports from this past week to start wondering what’s up:

    Assault in Shallotte—Bubba Joe conked Willie Earl on the head with a beer bottle, and there’s a good chance alcohol was involved. Nice.

  • Tax time a headache even for those who think ahead

    April 15 has now come and gone, but even though I filed my taxes well in advance of the deadline, it caused me more pain and anguish than I thought possible.

    Not being any kind of math genius or finance guru, I decided to take my taxes to a local professional this year. I chose a nationally known tax service, thinking it might cost a little bit but it’d be easy and hassle-free.

    During the past year, I spent time working in both Kentucky and North Carolina, so I had two sets of W2s.

  • Providing assistance to those in need is compassion, not socialism

    Believing in needed government assistance doesn’t make a person a socialist.

    There is a consensus among many Americans that a person is a socialist or has socialist ideas when there is mention of government help for a person or a family who truly needs financial assistance.

    A major illness or a prolonged loss of employment has the potential of forcing high-income, well-educated, super religious, ultra liberal—and even my fellow conservatives—to seek assistance from the government or other agencies when survival is at stake.

  • Debate to bring state issues to Southeast coast

    While the bid for Democratic and Republican spots for the next president of the United States has dominated national media, local voters also have some important races to decide this May much closer to home.

    In addition to determining who’ll be on the November ballot for county commissioner, school board and other races, Brunswick County voters will have the chance to select nominees for North Carolina’s next governor.

  • District Court Docket

    The following cases were adjudicated over four days of District Criminal Court on April 2, 3, 7 and 8 in Bolivia.

    Wednesday, April 2.

    Judge Marion R. Warren presided over the following cases with prosecutors Erin Holden and Cathi Radford and courtroom clerk Michelle Warth:

    Rigoberdo S. Alarcon, no operator’s license, allow unlicensed to drive, both voluntarily dismissed.

    Ignacio A. Albarran, no operator’s license, paid; fail to wear seat belt/driver, paid.

  • Grand jury meets, returns indictments on March 31

    The Brunswick County Grand Jury under the direction of Judge Ola M. Lewis with prosecutor Rex Gore and courtroom clerk Kay Fowler returned the following indictments during a Superior Court session on March 31:

    Teresa Bowen, 28, of 21020 N.C.210 E., Ivanhoe; felony financial card theft, misdemeanor financial card fraud, felony obtain property false pretense.

  • Johnson gets first win of '08; Earnhardt overcame obstacles

    AVONDALE, ARIZ.—A fuel gamble in Saturday night’s Subway Fresh Fit 500 allowed Jimmie Johnson to get his first Sprint Cup win of 2008. The defending Cup champion nursed his No. 48 Chevrolet across the finish line a little more than seven seconds ahead of Clint Bowyer.

    Danny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, Mark Martin, points leader Jeff Burton, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Martin Truex Jr., Greg Biffle and Kyle Busch rounded out the top-10 finishers.

  • NASCAR drivers are right: There's no place like first

    The racing season, even with the successful implementation of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup format, still relies heavily on consistency. Strong finishes in the first 26 races can pretty much guarantee a driver will be in the championship battle during the final 10 weeks.

    So I must admit to some eye-rolling at times when, at the end of a given race, the second-place finisher was interviewed and came across as being slightly peevish over the fact that he didn't end up just one spot better.

  • Diamonds and dirt are a girl's best friend

    Walk softly and swing a big stick.

    That could be the motto of Stacy Jackson, because she does both.

    The West Brunswick second baseman is the smallest player on the varsity softball team.

    Just how tall is she?

    “Five feet on a good day,” she said, laughing.

    That might work if she wore thick socks, double soles and Gellin’ inserts.

    She confessed she actually measures up to 4-feet-11.

    But don’t underestimate the skills nor Jackson's ferocity. She’s West Brunswick’s biggest hitter.