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  • What is this mystery plant?

     By John Nelson

    I’m looking at the calendar, and I’m listening to the weatherman. Lots of things suggest that winter is about to be history, but don’t say it too loud or we will be jinxed!

  • District 8 Senate update

    By Sen. Bill Rabon

    Guest Columnist

  • Welcome home, Vietnam veterans

    By Gary G. Crowden

    Guest Columnist


    Officially, the date of the observance is March 30 –– as decreed by the U.S. Senate –– a time to honor all who served honorably and bravely in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and elsewhere in the Southeast Asia war zone.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist


    Last week in the North Carolina General Assembly: We had almost 200 additional bills introduced in the House of Representatives alone; we passed a major property insurance reform bill and saw the House and Senate agree on a major transportation funding bill.

  • You decide: Are there easy answers to key economic questions?

    By Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist


    When I give presentations about the economy around the state, I always leave time for questions and answers. Of course, the questions vary based on the group, the location and the most recent economic news.

  • Reviews conjure the spirit of sassy school days

    It’s the time of the year here at the Beacon for annual performance reviews. No matter whether I’m the person giving or receiving one, good or bad, I find the whole process nerve-wracking. I have the best boss in the world in Angie Sutton, but every time I got into her office and have to shut the door behind me, I get knots in my stomach and feel like I’m having a flashback to my 12 years in Catholic school.

  • Local economy making comeback

    It appears the economic recovery in Brunswick County is gaining momentum based on construction projects in progress.

  • School officials, detectives address system network hack

    BOLIVIA — Brunswick County Schools officials and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office are investigating an unknown hacker who has disrupted the school district’s Internet connectivity.

    In a news release issued March 25, district spokeswoman Jessica Swencki said members of the school district’s technology department are working to identify and mitigate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) issues impacting the system’s network since schools began the spring semester in January.

  • Traditional Passover foods prepared with special care

     Traditional Passover foods prepared with special care

    Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is one of the most important Jewish festivals, celebrated in late March or early April. The eight-day observance commemorates the freedom and exodus of the Israelites (Jewish slaves) from Egypt during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses II.

  • Jury selection continues in trial of man accused of killing 3-year-old

    BOLIVIA — Twelve jurors have officially been seated in the murder trial of a 29-year-old man accused of killing his then-girlfriend’s 3-year-old son in Shallotte more than three years ago.

    Two alternate jurors must be selected before opening statements can begin in Brunswick County Superior Court in the trial of Montey Andrea Murray, who faces first-degree murder and felony child abuse charges in the March 2012 death of Jaronn Ladale McAllister.