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  • The use of eggplants in cooking has gained in popularity

    Up until a few years ago, the only time I ever ate eggplant was when I went to a local restaurant and ordered “Eggplant Parmesan” smothered in a rich, marinara sauce.

    Then I started seeing many different varieties showing up in our local farmers’ markets and decided to investigate other uses for this deep purple tuber, varying in size from large globes to long, thin, zucchini-like shapes.

  • Late winter garden chores to do before the cold leaves

    Even though that silly Pennsylvania groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that in our neck of the woods.

    After a cold blast, we’ve had a few warm days. That means it’s time to get some late winter chores done.

  • Spring is coming; get ready with February gardening tips

    Spring is coming around the corner. I have made statements in the past calling for gardeners to be patient. I am about ready to cut you loose and let you go full steam ahead with your gardening activities, but let’s not go overboard.

    There are still cold days ahead and winter may not truly be over until mid-April. The last frost-free date is around April 20 for much of this area. That can vary by a couple of days either way depending on where you are in the county.

  • February in the garden: It’s time to prune before new growth emerges

    February is the ideal time to cut back ornamental grasses and liriope before new growth begins to emerge. For large pampas grass mounds, a hedge cutter or a chain saw does the job efficiently.

    Prune summer-flowering shrubs such as beautyberry, butterfly bush, Clethra, vitex and summer-blooming spireas in late winter to encourage lots of new growth and heavy flowering.

    Do not prune back hydrangeas, azaleas or other spring-blooming shrubs or you will loose this year’s blooms. Camellias can be pruned back after they have completed their blooming cycle.

  • Find your way home via words from the street

    I am always surprised by the suggestions I receive as topics for “A Second Look.”

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  • Leland crime report

    Leland Police officers investigated the following incidents and charged the following suspects Jan. 28- Feb. 9. All information is taken directly from patrol activity reports.

    •Police responded to an attempt to locate called in by Wilmington Police to the Brunswick County 911 Center. The vehicle was located and police contacted the victim, who had the car towed for vehicle recovery.

    •During a routine traffic stop on U.S. 74-76, Bobby Mack Eldridge, 66, of 3839 Old Maco Road, Leland, was charged with driving while impaired and driving while license revoked.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office K-9 Roundup

    The K-9 enforcement team answers calls, conducts driver’s license checkpoints and assists with other agencies when K-9s are needed.

    From Feb. 2-8, deputies with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Enforcement Team answered 16 calls, issued nine uniformed citations and made nine drug arrests.

    K-9 deputies set up driver’s license checkpoints in the following areas: Mount Misery and Blue Banks Loop roads, N.C. 133 and Belville School Road, Mount Misery Road and Natures Trail, N.C. 211 and Big Macedonia Road and Ocean Isle Beach and Watts Road.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office ACE roundup

    The Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) Team is a support unit, whose primary functions are traffic enforcement and assisting in the apprehension of drug traffickers in the county. The ACE team conducts driving while impaired, driver’s license and criminal information checkpoints, as well as street-level investigations on controlled substances. The ACE team works with the sheriff’s office K-9 Enforcement Team and Drug Enforcement Unit to apprehend narcotics suspects as well as saturating hot spots where criminal activity is reported.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office crime report

    Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the following incidents last week, which are taken directly from sheriff’s office incident reports:

    •Suspicious fire on Beach Drive in Calabash; fire started on inside and outside of structure.

    •Larceny of mail on Ashfield Place; suspect took mail from victim’s mailbox.

    •Breaking and entering on Maco Road; suspect entered victims’ home and stole money, TVs, jewelry and a safe.