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  • Lack of loss of life in recent plane mishap is truly one of life’s miracles

    If you’ve had the misfortune of sitting right beside me on a plane ride to anywhere, let me apologize. I’m one of those people who hate to fly, but I do it because I understand the value and time-savings the service provides.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and those behind the civil rights movement

    During the late 1970s when I lived in Atlanta, I met a lady who was a longtime member of Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta—the childhood church of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She said the style and manner in which King recited his Christmas and Easter speeches when he was 5 years old was an indication he was gifted and talented.

    King enhanced his natural gifts and talents by excelling in the academic world. By all accounts he was a serious student. He graduated from high school at age 15 and from college at 19. He earned a doctorate degree by age 26.


  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office crime report

    Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the following incidents last week, which are taken directly from sheriff’s office incident reports:

    •Breaking and entering, larceny and property damage on Exum Road in Ash; suspect kicked in victim’s garage door and stole various tools.

    •Larceny on Port Loop Road in Southport; suspect removed tags from victim’s vehicle.

    •Cruelty to animals on David L Street in Shallotte; suspect shot victim’s dog with a 12-gauge shotgun.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office ACE roundup

    The Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) Team is a support unit, whose primary functions are traffic enforcement and assisting in the apprehension of drug traffickers in the county. The ACE team conducts driving while impaired, driver’s license and criminal information checkpoints, as well as street-level investigations on controlled substances. The ACE team works with the sheriff’s office K-9 Enforcement Team and Drug Enforcement Unit to apprehend narcotics suspects as well as saturating hot spots where criminal activity is reported.

  • Historic changing of the guard marks 2,684 days of security for Americans

    At this writing, we have one president. As you read this, we have another.

    As I pen these words, we are teetering on the brink of history, and as you read this, history has come to life.

    Millions of Americans have flocked to our great nation’s capital for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, and to experience history.

  • Coughlin named Brunswick County’s teacher assistant of the year

    LELAND—Karen Coughlin has been waking up and going to school every day for more than 30 years.

    Originally from Maine, she worked as a school secretary for 23 years after working as a teacher assistant in a kindergarten classroom. After moving to New Hampshire years later, she worked as a teacher’s assistant in a special needs classroom.

  • Holden Beach police report

    Holden Beach Police officers issued the following citations between Dec. 22, 2008, and Jan. 20, 2009. All information is taken from citations.

    •Michael Anthony Moreno, 19, of 2407 N Avenida Tabica, Green Valley, Ariz.; cited for failing to stop at a stop sign.

    •Anzhelika V. Goroshko, 24, of 2796 Evans Circle SW, Shallotte; cited for expired inspection and expired registration.

    •Jeronimo Gonzalez Lorenzo, 26, of 3786 Strawberry Way, Shallotte; cited for driving while license revoked.

  • Open the door for all to participate

    To the editor:

    How long is it going to take for our society to stop treating anyone as second class? The historic election certainly is a reminder we can grow. However, there are many in this country that may want public office but will not get it based on race or party label or religion.

    It wasn’t that long ago blacks and women would have no shot at any high office, much less local public office. I am thrilled the son of an immigrant is now our president, which affirms that we are truly a nation of immigrants.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office K-9 Roundup

    The K-9 enforcement team answers calls, conducts driver’s license checkpoints and assists with other agencies when K-9s are needed.

    From Jan. 12-18 deputies with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Enforcement Team answered 21 calls, issued 13 uniformed citations and made 10 drug arrests.

    K-9 officers set up driver’s license checkpoints in the following areas: N.C. 211, Northwest Road, N.C. 133, Mount Misery Road and Mount Pisgah Road.

    K-9 deputies charged the following suspects with drug charges:

  • KEYS program keeps youth successful

    SHALLOTTE—Every morning at 0745 hours, the KEYS program begins at Shallotte Middle School.

    The first-time program begins each day with formation and close order drill, physical training and calisthenics. While it may look like a mini-military to other students in the school, the program gives its recruits much more.