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  • County commissioners still support seismic surveying, offshore drilling

    BOLIVIA — While two Brunswick County commissioners changed their minds on supporting seismic surveying and offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, a 2-2 vote Monday night, Aug.17, kept the county as one of few advocates for these activities on the North Carolina coast.

    Commissioners approved a resolution supporting seismic testing and offshore oil exploration during their July 6 meeting. But after a number of residents voiced their concerns over the decision at the board’s July 20 meeting, commissioners decided to take a second look at the issue.

  • Two new drug agents help sheriff’s office combat heroin problem

     SUPPLY — Lt. Steve Lanier, who supervises the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit, was sitting at his desk this week when the phone rang. A concerned member of the community had phoned Lanier and his team of narcotics agents to say he suspected a man of planning to traffic large amounts of heroin into the county soon.

    As recently as five years ago, such a tip would’ve been a major breakthrough for the Drug Enforcement Unit. On this particular sweltering afternoon in August, it was just another day at the office.

  • Do you replay negative situations over and over in your mind?

    By Linda Arnold

    Life Columnist

    So, you’ve had a spat with your spouse.  Or, your boss came down on you.  Finally, your kids got on your very last nerve.

    The conversation may not have been pretty, and it’s over. Do you find yourself replaying it over and over in your mind, though? Thinking ‘bout other things you could have said. Wondering how they’re reacting. Wishing you could have been more forceful — or more tactful.

    Why do we do this to ourselves?  And, is there a way to stop?

  • Love is a four-letter word

    Very often, when we officiate at weddings, Hubby Dear will offer a short message for bride, groom, and participants. He always gains their attention with this opening remark: “Love is a four-letter word.”You can imagine the straightened backs and curious glances as folks wonder what is coming next.

    It’s easy to understand the reaction to what might be considered a bizarre statement, especially one made in the context of a marriage ceremony.

  • Corn on the cob is plentiful, available at farmers markets

    When they are fresh, pulled right from the fields, they are crisp and flavorful. Even though it’s available year round, I love corn during the summer when it is at its peak.

    Like tomatoes, corn is best when grown locally. Check out our local farm markets and farmers markets. Usually, the corn sold there has been picked that morning, unlike corn sold in supermarkets. Corn loses it freshness very quickly.

    Corn on the cob is usually prepared one of three ways: boiling, roasting or microwaving.

  • What is this mystery plant?

    By John Nelson

    Plant Columnist

    Let’s talk about the carrot family, the Apiaceae.

    This is a very large family, known mostly from temperate parts of the northern hemisphere, with many genera and many species, these known since antiquity, and valued for a variety of foods, spices, flavors, and medicines … and poisons.

  • Time to plant the fall vegetable garden

    Tough economic times and the trendy “local food” movement have soccer moms everywhere discussing strange concepts like pH, side-dressing and those “worms” that ate holes in the tomatoes.

    My inner CPA likes to remind me you can probably buy vegetables more cheaply than you can grow them yourself, but what’s the value of your reconnection with nature? It could be whatever the manicurist charges you to get all that dirt from under your fingernails.

  • Recipes from the local farmers market

    Local farmers markets are in full swing right now. If you haven’t visited one of the local markets, there is still plenty of time this season.

    My colleague, Morgan McKnight, family and consumer sciences agent with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension here in Brunswick County, has been sharing recipes at the Bolivia Brief Farmer’s Market on Thursdays.

  • Back to school tips — for your pet

    The end of summer means an empty house for many families. While parents may enjoy a break from the children, it may be a different story for our dogs. Here are some simple tips to help you make the transition from summer to school easier for your pet.


    Transition time

  • Hurst celebrates 80th birthday

    O’Dell Hurst, better known as “The Legend of Shell Point Road,” according to his neighbors, celebrated his 80th birthday Aug. 17. He is famous for helping his neighbors fix anything and for just being fun.