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  • Fall armyworms will be here before we know it

    By Sam Marshall

    The dog days of summer are upon us and as we move into the hottest parts of July and August, a new suite of insect pests will soon descend upon our landscapes. One pest in particular, fall armyworm, is a caterpillar that appears about this time of year in your yard and, left unchecked, can wreak havoc in Bermuda grass lawns. So now is the time to start monitoring and controlling early populations of this hungry pest.


    What are armyworms?

  • Burst of berries just the thing from local farmers markets

    Berry season is in full swing, so now is the time to take advantage. Available practically year-round at the supermarket, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries just taste better when bought from a local farmers market.While they’re in season, you can devour these berries right after they’re picked at the farm, by the bowlful or prepared as a scrumptious, calorie-laden dessert.


    Raspberry, Avocado and Mango Salad

  • What is this mystery plant?

    By John Nelson
    Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, won’t you please put a penny in the old man’s sack? If you haven’ got a penny, a ha’penny will do. If you haven't got a ha’penny, God bless you.

    — traditional English rhyme


  • To become wise and compassionate, ask and receive an understanding heart

    Vanita Hampton Wright once wrote: “Sometimes we make prayer difficult because we separate it from what is concrete in daily life. We develop the attitude that prayer is supposed to be something in the mind and heart, a spiritual equality hard to define and somewhat elusive to experience.”

  • Just say no: More than an anti-drug slogan

    By Linda Arnold


    Are you overwhelmed? Do you have too much on your platter?

    Chances are, you’ve overcommitted yourself … again. Why does this keep happening?

    While it’s true that most of us lead busy lives and there are often a lot of “moving parts,” one of the culprits for your sense of feeling overwhelmed could be found by looking in the mirror.

  • McCray and Vereen compete in 2017 East-West game

     Two of the best players in West Brunswick High School football history competed in an all-star game featuring the top high school players in North Carolina.

    Running back Anthony “Bubba” McCray and lineman Taye Vereen, who graduated in June, represented the Trojans on July 19 at the 2017 North Carolina Coaches Association East-West All-Star Game at Jamieson Stadium on the campus of Grimsley High School in Greensboro.

    McCray totaled 43 yards on six carries, including a 37-yard scamper on the team’s longest carry of the game.

  • Exploring live bait Spanish mackerel fishing

     Brunswick County fishing has officially set in to a pure summer pattern. The weather and water temperatures are hot and the tourist activity amongst the Brunswick County islands has reached its peak. Fortunately for the fishermen of our county, the fishing has been very good.

  • Sports calendar (July 27, 2017 edition)

    Pickleball clinic offered

  • Southport-Oak Island falls in championship game of state tourney

     Two years ago, a Southport-Oak Island all-star team had to beat SouthPark twice to capture the 2015 Dixie Youth State Tournament crown and advance to the World Series.

    Southport-Oak Island did just that and advanced to a Dixie Youth World Series for the second time in three seasons.

    Fast forward to 2017 and this same group of kids found themselves in the same predicament in the Majors state tournament last week in Leland.

    The squad entered the tournament finals having to knock off SouthPark twice to secure the championship.

  • Playing a team game every day of my life

     I could go on all day about how sports have impacted my life. Of course, it’s a bit ironic because my best sport was tennis. I was a good high-school tennis player and captured two eastern regional championships during my junior and senior seasons. I wasn’t even close to decent enough to play at the collegiate level, but it was a nice little career I put together.