Today's News

  • Extended life expectancy allows time to bring home more bacon

    My dear spouse Penny and I were returning Dec. 28 from the West Palm Beach, Fla., region to Shallotte via I-95. We hoped it was going to be a piece of cake.

    Instead, traffic slowed to a standstill just south of the Savannah exits. Tired at 7 p.m., we ducked into a nice inn for a good night’s rest along with other discouraged motorists.

    At 6 a.m., I dressed in the dark while Penny sacked in. I shaved and headed for the free breakfast and a newspaper in the lounge. Surely, I would be the only one up? Surprise!

  • Rate increases are too much

    To the editor: Were you born yesterday? No? Well, here is another question that probably is just as difficult to answer.

    If the weather disasters that are anticipated by a commission recommending home insurance rate increases fail to materialize, will the insurance companies refund to you any premium increases?

    Well, if you answered that question as you did the first, you just passed Politics As Usual 101! However, it is clear commission members and many of our legislators believe you should answer the first question with a “yes” and ignore the second.

  • Thanks to Beacon

    To the editor: The Brunswick Beacon has been instrumental in elevating the public awareness of Brunswick Family Assistance’s financial condition as a result of the economy.

    In October, Scott Harrell (publisher) and Stacey Manning (editor) published an article demonstrating BFA’s needs. Immediately, we began receiving donations to assist our short-term requirements.

    You have helped us immensely to let the public know what Brunswick Family Assistance is about and how we assist families in dire need.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office K-9 Roundup

    The K-9 enforcement team answers calls, conducts driver’s license checkpoints and assists with other agencies when K-9s are needed.

    From Dec. 29 through Jan. 4, deputies with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Enforcement Team answered 40 calls, issued 24 uniformed citations and made nine drug arrests.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office crime report

    Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the following incidents last week, which are taken directly from sheriff’s office incident reports:

    •Breaking and entering, larceny and property damage on Mount Misery Road in Leland; suspect broke into a church and stole musical instruments and money.

    •Larceny on Beach Drive in Calabash; suspect stole a bracelet from victim’s home.

    •Property damage on Aberdeen Street in Supply; suspect threw a bottle at victim’s window, damaging it.

  • Most Interesting: Nancy Janovetz

    BOILING SPRING LAKES—A chorus of barks erupted as Nancy Janovetz tried to talk with a human visitor inside the confines of Paw’s Place, the big-dog rescue facility she founded almost 10 years ago.

    Two dogs wandered across the fenced-in gravel yard to greet their petite, beloved founder who introduced each by name and background.

    “This is Brownie,” Janovetz said of the mixed-breed hound. “She’s been here nine-and-a-half years. She came here from SOAR. She’s 10 years old.”

  • Most Interesting: Sydney Moore

    There’s a visible scar underneath 4-year-old Sydney Moore’s brown hair. Although it’s a daily reminder of a life-threatening injury she suffered years earlier, Sydney looks at it with a much different attitude.

    When she was 2½ months old, her mother was carrying her out of the house on the way to church when she fell on the outside stairs.

  • Most Interesting: Ralph Varnam

    It has filled him with fear and taken him to foreign shores.

    It has given him pleasurable days and soot-filled nights.

    And it was literally his family’s lifesaver during the Great Depression.

    It is saltwater, and the only creatures that have spent more time around it than Ralph Varnam have gills.

    Varnam, a World War II veteran, has crossed the Atlantic Ocean more than two dozen times. And that doesn’t even take into account all the years he spent clamming, oystering, shrimping, dredging and tugboating.

  • Most Interesting: Ray Mercer

    SHALLOTTE—Ray Mercer is in his element on a sunny December afternoon, in his office at WOW Real Estate just off Main Street in downtown Shallotte.

    Mercer, 55, is hoping and praying for president-elect Barack Obama’s new administration and expressing a hopeful outlook for the real estate field he joined nine months ago.

    “It’s going to come back,” said the broker-in-charge. “Our economy is based on the real estate market.”

  • New Year’s predictions don't always ring true

    Laura Lewis

    It was just a little over year ago I was traipsing the streets of Calabash on a late December morning, conducting an unscientific survey of local breakfast diners willing to foresee what lay ahead in 2008.

    One year later, I can reflect it’s a good thing Calabash is renowned for its seafood, because when it comes to skilled psychics, it doesn’t have any.

    Rate of people who predicted Barack Obama would be elected president: Zero.