Today's News

  • Power restored after early morning outage

    An equipment failure at the Wilmington delivery point resulted in a power outage this morning for Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation.

    About 7,000 customers lost power in the north end of Brunswick County at 7:37 a.m. today. About 4,500 of those services were restored within 45 minutes. Due to the high demand on the system, the process of restoration in stages extended the outage in some areas.

  • Raise high the bridge beams


    Workers with English Construction Co. of Lynchburg, Va., installed the first 30-ton, 75-foot-long concrete girders as they were lifted and lowered by a crane on the mainland Jan. 8 for the new Sunset Beach high-rise Intracoastal Waterway bridge. The new $32 million bridge is ahead of schedule and should be ready for use by mid-2010 if all goes according to schedule, a company official said last week.


  • Jessie Mae principal, parent to appear in court Friday

    BOLIVIA—A Brunswick County Schools principal and a parent of former Brunswick County students are scheduled to appear in court Friday morning on charges stemming from an altercation that occurred on school property.

    Patricia Rourk, Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School principal, and Tracey Danka, a parent of two former Jessie Mae students, will appear in Brunswick County District Court at 9:30 a.m. Friday, Jan. 16, before District Judge Marion Warren, according to the district attorney’s office.

  • There are many reasons to love fish. PETA, not so much

    Picking on PETA is like shooting fish in a barrel. (Yeah. I said it.) But I can’t let their latest tirade go by without comment.

    I’m convinced the “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” do the bizarre things they do just to get attention and see their names in the paper. It has nothing to do with their love for animals.

    Their latest stunt is asking school officials in Spearfish, S.D., to change the name of Spearfish High School to “Sea Kitten High School.”

  • High taxes, high insurance rates

    To the editor: All property owners on the beaches of Brunswick County are in the same situation concerning ridiculously high property taxes and insurance costs.

    When they revaluated property taxes two years ago, they went up more than 300 percent on the property I owned on Holden Beach and I’m sure everyone else. That is why “For Sale” signs are everywhere, but no “Sold” signs.

  • Thinks speed limit should be reduced

    To the editor: I live off N.C. 179 just before the Regency condominiums facing Sunset Beach. The speed limit is 45 mph.

    After 20 years of watching motorists rev up their engines on this stretch of highway in a tremendous, heart-pounding hurry to get to the water, the speed limit needs to be reduced.

  • Thinks increase is unfair

    To the editor: Once again, property owners in Brunswick and other coastal counties get slammed with another property insurance increase. Whatever happened to the insurance concept of “shared risk?”

  • Thanks for help after wreck

    To the editor: I want to thank some special people in the community.

    On Jan. 3, my husband Jim and my daughter Jaimee Lynn were in a terrible accident at the curve on Thomasboro Road just before U.S. 17. My husband’s car rolled over three times and they landed upside down across the ditch.

    A family named Hoover helped my daughter to safety and applied pressure to her laceration on her head.

  • District Court Docket

    The Brunswick County Grand Jury under the direction of Judge Ola Lewis with prosecutor Rex Gore and courtroom clerk Kay Fowler returned the following indictments during a Superior Court session on Jan. 5:

    Floyd Baldwin, 41, of 2510 Fowler St., Wilmington; felony second-degree kidnapping, misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor communicating threats, misdemeanor larceny of motor vehicle, misdemeanor injury to real property, felony common law robbery.

    Lacie Fitzgerald Ballard, 45, of 2607 Cedar Hill Road, Leland; felony habitual felon.

  • Thanks for wagon

    To the editor: This is one of the few letters that is not registering a complaint.

    I live with my little four-legged companion in a modest old house on Ocean Isle Beach, and I’m so content I plan to live out my days here if insurance and/or taxes don’t force me to move off the island.

    When I crest the bridge, I feel like I’ve entered a little corner of heaven. I’m a happy lady. I have five children with families in and around North Carolina whom I adore, lots of friends I appreciate and love, which leads to the reason for this letter.