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  • Father-daughter, mother-son events make February special

    February is a sweet time for children and parents and adult role models alike to celebrate their special relationships.

    Holden Beach Father-Daughter, Mother-Son Dance

    Holden Beach Parks & Recreation is having its third Father-Daughter, Mother-Son Dance from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10, in the Holden Beach Town Hall Public Assembly at 110 Rothschild St. in Holden Beach.

  • What is this mystery plant?

    By John Nelson

    I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles.

                                                    — Cole Porter


  • Sweet! Coastal Harmonizers tuning up for Valentine’s Day

    The Coastal Harmonizers are once again taking reservations to “serenade your sweetheart” for Valentine’s Day live and in person in and around Brunswick County.

    The cost is $40 per serenade and personal call, which includes two songs, a rose and a card for your loved one.

    To arrange this at a location of customer’s choosing, call Jerry Dellinger at (910) 754-5102.

  • Giving up on traditional turfgrass? Plant a meadow garden



     By Sam Marshall, Horticulture Agent

    NC Cooperative Extension, Brunswick County Center


  • Community rallies to fix hurricane-damaged road

    Crumbled asphalt and caution tape comprise a vivid portion of spillway road in the Sunset Lakes community that was severely damaged last October by Hurricane Matthew.

    The damage is so severe, residents whose homes are north of the Medcalf Lake spillway in the Sunset Lakes community haven’t been able to drive across since the storm hit Oct. 8.

  • Sunset Beach Police Department Jan. 24-26 2017

    The Sunset Beach Police Department investigated the following incidents and made the following arrest. All information is taken directly from department reports.

    Jan. 24

    Breaking and entering on Creekview Drive; two TVs and several pieces of jewelry stolen. Two TVs have been recovered.

    Jan. 26

    Antaun L. Miller, 23, of Forrest Drive, Shallotte, charged with breaking and entering, felony larceny and injury to real property on Creekview Drive.

  • Light the lamp to banish the darkness



    It has been a long, long preparation time for this country, for all of us who live here and call it our homeland. Replete with care and concern, angst and anticipation, it is yet the land we love. It is yet a place where diversity births distinctive unity. It is where we both find our lamps and light them to banish the darkness of hatred, bias, prejudice and evil of all sorts and dimensions.

  • What do sandwiches and the Hawaiian Islands have in common?

     In January 1778, Captain James Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands. But did you know that he originally named them the “Sandwich Islands,” in honor of the very same person for whom the sandwich that we eat was named, John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich? Not until later were the “Sandwich Islands” renamed “Hawaii.”

  • Sunset Beach to consider gazebo contract, cabanas Feb. 6

    Sunset Beach Town Council will consider a contract for a reduced-size covered seating area, aka gazebo or picnic shelter, at its upcoming meeting Monday night, Feb. 6.

    At their Jan. 9 meeting, council members approved a 20-by-20-foot metal structure with an asphalt roof to be located south of the restrooms in Sunset Beach Town Park. The cost is to be covered by state matching grant funding through the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF).

  • Carolina Shores seeks volunteers Feb. 2

    The town of Carolina Shores is inviting interested residents and business owners to a volunteer kick-off meeting for 2017, scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 2, in the town hall boardroom at 200 Persimmon Road.

    The town is interested in engaging with stakeholders to achieve collaboration in the following areas:

    Environmental management — trees, beautification, solid waste/recycling, water quality. Teams that need volunteers are:

    1. Tree resource management — volunteer to be a tree resource manager/inspector