Today's News

  • Brunswick Coalition releases survey, assessment data

    In Brunswick County, overdoses over the past year were mainly a result of misuse of prescription drugs.

    This was the information gathered from the executive summary of Needs Assessment data gathered by the Brunswick County Coalition over the span of a year. And it was this information that was given to coalition members during its most recent meeting last month.

  • Wave Transit plans community forum July 13 in Leland

    Wave Transit has planned a number of community forums to help get the word out about new transportation programs for people 65 and older and those with disabilities.

    The next forum will be from 9 to 11 a.m. Wednesday, July 13, at Leland Town Hall.

  • Duke Energy to test sirens around Brunswick Nuclear Plant on July 13

    The public alert notification sirens around the Brunswick Nuclear Plant, near Southport, will be tested Wednesday, July 13, between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

    The 38 sirens within 10 miles of the Brunswick Nuclear Plant will be tested at low-volume for 10 seconds. This test may be performed more than once to make sure each siren works properly.

    This test is performed quarterly, in coordination with emergency officials in Brunswick and New Hanover counties, who are responsible for sounding the sirens.

  • Turtle Sit-A-Thon washes out more than 60 contenders in weekend fundraiser

    SUNSET BEACH — It’s an annual event to aid turtles and have a little fun in the process.

    Sunday afternoon, a record crowd of nearly 70 people of all ages turned out to take part in an annual beach Sit-A-Thon to benefit the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch program.

    It started at 3 p.m. with participants lining up in their beach chairs as the tide rolled in.

    The goal was to remain seated in one’s chair without getting knocked over by the waves. Those who were pushed over were immediately pushed out of the contest.

  • Submit common acreage information just once

    By Bobby R. Etheridge

    Guest Columnist

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency requires farmers and ranchers participating in our programs to submit an annual report on all cropland use on their farms. Crop insurance agents for providers approved by the USDA Risk Management Agency also require these reports to ensure accuracy with your premiums and when you file claims.

    Yet for years, farmers and ranchers have entered the same basic common information from their acreage reports at these two different places.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week in the North Carolina House of Representatives we passed the 2016-17 state budget, we had a flurry of state and local bills that passed and some that didn’t, and we adjourned the session for 2016.

  • Summer is for the birds

    The other day, as I was getting ready for work and feeding my three cats their breakfast, I heard an extraordinary volume of chatter outside my front door.

    I wasn’t alarmed, because it sounded to me like the barn swallows who make their summer home in my neighborhood just had a lot to say that morning, and I went about my business.

  • Death of coroner’s office aggrieves county

    The job of an elected coroner is to determine if a person’s death was the result of natural causes, whether the person died at his own hands or someone else’s or if the person’s death cannot be determined without further investigation, if at all.

    The coroner and his deputies not only provide investigative services with law enforcement and public safety officials, but they also render comfort to those who mourn the dead.

    Our state’s General Assembly last week decided that was a luxury Brunswick County could no longer afford.

  • 'A-Mazing Maze Man' Hunter Gibbes back at Sunset Beach until July 9

    SUNSET BEACH — He’s one of the most popular summer attractions at the beach.

    Just ask any of the hundreds — thousands? — of bathing suit-clad beach-goers who annually look forward to “A-Mazing Maze Man” Hunter Gibbes’ annual two-week trek to Sunset Beach.

    During the Pfafftown resident’s yearly retreat to the beach with his family encompassing the Fourth of July, he’s renowned for the a-mazing daily sand labyrinths he creates on the beach between Third and Fourth streets.

  • Bird baths enhance gardens

     Elly May Clampett from the 1960’s hit sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies” would be the first to tell you nothing’s better than having lots of critters around. While you might not have enough wealth borne of “Texas tea” to invite all of Elly’s exotic animals into your garden, it’s relatively easy to create a great space that’s for the birds. 

    Just like the Clampetts with their cement pond, birds like and need water for drinking and bathing.