Today's News

  • Laser shows light up night at Ingram Planetarium

    Get ready to be entranced by laser shows this weekend in Ingram Planetarium’s Sky Theater this Friday and Saturday night in Sunset Beach.

    The shows are among the planetarium’s lineup of heavenly astronomy and science programs for all ages in its 85-seat theater. All shows are one hour or less. Laser shows are staged the third Friday and Saturday of the month.

    The planetarium’s laser projection system, unveiled last November, consists of full-color animation lights choreographed to music and a new 5.1 surround-sound system.

  • Crime reports are public

    The Brunswick Beacon requested crime statistics from the Shallotte Police Department for 2007 and 2008.

    Officials provided the statistics, broken down by category, on the same day they were requested.

    According to administrative assistant Linda Moses, the public is welcome to request incident reports and other public documents and can view them in the office.

    According to N.C. General Statute 132-1-4, the following information is public record:

  • Shallotte Police: 2008


    Rape: 1

    Robbery: 6

    Aggravated assault: 6

    Aggravated assault with sexual motives: 2

    Burglary-forcible entry: 90

    Burglary-non-forced entry: 28

    Larceny-purse snatching: 1

    Larceny-shoplifting: 13

    Larceny from a motor vehicle: 64

    Larceny-auto parts and accessories: 4

    Larceny-from buildings: 67

    Larceny-from coin-operated devices: 6

    Larceny-all others: 57

    Motor vehicle theft-automobile: 10

    Motor vehicle theft-truck: 2

  • Shallotte Police: 2007

    Incident/investigations 2007

    Rape: 4

    Robbery: 7

    Aggravated assault: 3

    Burglary-forcible entry: 71

    Burglary-non-forced entry: 10

    Larceny-shoplifting: 12

    Larceny from a motor vehicle: 31

    Larceny-auto parts and accessories: 5

    Larceny-from buildings: 75

    Larceny-from coin-operated devices: 1

    Larceny-all others: 58

    Motor vehicle theft-automobile: 16

    Motor vehicle theft-truck: 1

    Motor vehicle theft-all other motor vehicles: 1

    Simple physical assault: 9

  • Supply-side economics versus employee-centered economics

    President Ronald Reagan was a great proponent of supply-side economics. He believed in major tax breaks for businesses and corporations; believing businesses and corporate executives would objectively share the company’s profits with employees with little or no oversight.

    On paper, supply-side economics is a great concept. It would be the ideal business model in a fair and just world. The problem is human nature. Greed and self-centered goals and objectives caused numerous executives to unfairly enrich themselves at the expense of hard-working investors or employees.

  • BEMC awards community grants

    Eleven agencies in Brunswick County and seven from Columbus County have been selected as recipients of Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation’s 2009 Community Grants

    This year’s grants total $20,463 to help local agencies and groups implement a variety of programs to help the community. In today’s economic climate, many nonprofits are struggling while demand is increasing, particularly in local food pantries.

    According to BEMC, more than 55 community groups and agencies applied for the grants this year.

  • Town clerk appointed interim administrator in Calabash

    CALABASH—Town clerk Kelley Southward last week was appointed to serve as interim town administrator.

    The appointment came at town commissioners’ monthly meeting March 10 after former town administrator Vincent Long resigned March 3, giving two days’ notice.

    Southward has been employed by the town for the past three years, starting in December 2005 as an office assistant.

    She was promoted to deputy clerk in the summer of 2006, to interim clerk in February 2008 then to town clerk in July 2008.

    She will receive no extra pay.

  • Sea turtle sculpture vandalized in Sunset Beach

    SUNSET BEACH—A $500 reward is being offered after vandals on an apparent spree destroyed a turtle sculpture erected two and a half years ago on the Sunset Beach island to honor longtime turtle advocate Carmel Zetts.

    Zetts said the entire bronze statue on display next to the island gazebo at the beach was dismantled sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

    “The base is all that’s left,” she said Monday.

  • San Rio developers pay state fines; appeal unsuccessful

    SHALLOTTE—The developers of San Rio appealed the civil penalty levied by the N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources for installing sewer lines without proper permits, but after mediation, the company agreed to pay the fine, according to public documents provided by the town of Shallotte and the N.C. Attorney General’s Office.

    According to e-mails to town administrator Paul Sabiston from the attorneys for Sandler at Shallotte LLC, Sabiston was listed as a potential witness in Sandler’s civil penalty assessment appeal hearing.

  • Shallotte complies with public records law

    SHALLOTTE—The Brunswick Beacon requested two years worth of e-mails, minutes and correspondence relating to the town’s business with Sandler at Shallotte LLC, the developers of San Rio Ocean and River Club off Gray Bridge Road.

    Town staff provided the information within two days and did not charge for copies or ask the reason for the requests.

    Shallotte Town Administrator Paul Sabiston said the public is always welcome to look through the public documents and request copies.