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  • Ports authority subpoena links Easley investigation to Brunswick County

    The federal investigation into former Gov. Mike Easley has grand jurors reviewing documents related to a lease agreement between the N.C. Ports Authority and a Brunswick County marina.

    In the federal subpoena, served on the N.C. Ports Authority on June 5 and obtained by The Brunswick Beacon, subpoenaed documents include all documents relating to the award of the Southport Marina lease.

  • Six women arrested in late-night prostitute sting plead guilty

    Six women arrested in last month’s late-night prostitution sting have pleaded guilty in Brunswick County District Court.

    Though none of the women appeared in court, the attorney for all six women, David Wortman, entered guilty pleas for them last Wednesday, July 1, assistant district attorney Chris Thomas said.

    District Judge Bill Fairley sentenced the six women to probation for their misdemeanor charges. Thomas said none of the women had any previous criminal history that the district attorney’s office could find.

  • County tax collection rate closes fiscal year just shy of 96 percent

    June 30 marked the close of the 2008-2009 fiscal year, and Brunswick County’s tax collection rate came in just shy of 96 percent.

    County revenue collector Ken Perry said the final tax collection rate at the close of the fiscal year was 95.65 percent, less than Perry had hoped to collect. The lowest collection rate in recent years, it was far below 98 percent collection rate originally budgeted for the fiscal year.

  • Holden Beach man wrangles up small alligator, sets it free in safer waters

    It was the crowd that first got his attention. More than 100 people gathered around the edge of the shore at Holden Beach on the busy Fourth of July weekend staring into the water.

    When Holden Beach resident Johnny Booth approached the crowd last Friday, his eyes peered toward the water to see what the fuss was about. He wondered at first if someone might have drowned or been in trouble in the water.

    Eventually, his eyes landed on a small alligator about 30 feet offshore, and a good mile away from the pier.

  • Beach patrol provides safety on the strand

    As the weather gets warmer, the county beaches draw thousands of people from across the country. In Ocean Isle Beach, the yearly 508 population can grow to as many as 25,000 people at any given time during the summer months.

    To help ease the workload of the Ocean Isle Beach Police Department, seven certified officers serve on the city’s beach patrol. Made up of Highway Patrol officers and retired law enforcement officials, at least one officer is on the beach daily between 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Sheriff’s office searching for missing man

    The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a missing Brunswick County man.

    Jody Daniel Babson, 29, has been missing since Tuesday.

    Babson was last seen hitchhiking on the Isabelle Homes Bridge leading to Wilmington around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

    Babson was reported to be traveling to California in an attempt to find construction work, according to a sheriff’s office press release. Babson, who has special health concerns, has not contacted his family since Tuesday morning.

  • The best French onion soup I've ever had is made with chicken broth

    When it comes to making good, hearty French onion soup, most cooks would consider it heresy to use chicken broth. Thirty years ago, when Americans started making French food (thanks to Julia Child), beef broth was the only way to go.

  • Before tossing that steak on the grill, let's review the basics

    This holiday weekend is the beginning of the grilling season for many in the country, and no matter where you live, new equipment, new techniques, new cookbooks, new recipes and ingredients can add to your cooking repertoire.

    Gas grills are still the most popular type of barbecue, and some even include a built-in smoker box for smoke cooking. Charcoal grills are still used a lot today.

  • Holden Beach crime report

    Holden Beach Police charged the following people and investigated the following incidents last week.

    •Police charged Archie Maurice Bullard Jr., 41, of 2405 Amigo Drive, Fayetteville, with assault on a female. He was taken to the Brunswick County Detention Center.

    •Police charged Dana Hagins Wright, 39, of 110 Lake Clair, Fayetteville, with simple physical assault.

  • Summer fishing patterns continue to progress

    Summer is in full swing and the fish are well aware. The fishing over the past couple of weeks has been excellent, particularly for king mackerel, but as the heat has continued, the fish are beginning to push back offshore to deeper, cooler water. The king mackerel bite was nothing short of spectacular at the 65-foot hole and Shark Hole all last week.