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  • Carolina Shores Craft and Car Show Sept. 23

    The town of Carolina Shores launches its first craft and car show from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23, at the South Brunswick Islands Center at 9400 Ocean Highway W. in Carolina Shores.

    The car show will take place outside while local crafters display and sell their handmade creations inside the Brunswick Community College building, said event organizer Mary Timothy, a Carolina Shores town commissioner.

  • Sunset Beach Police Department, Sept. 4-17 2017

    Sunset Beach police investigated the following incidents and made these arrests.

    Sept. 4

    Financial card fraud on Clippers Way.

    Sept. 5

    Vehicle stolen from Dogwood Drive.

    Sept. 9

    Richard Brent Henson, 27, of Royal Poste Road was arrested on a cocaine possession charge.

    Gregra Lee Bellamy, 56, of Royal Poste Road was arrested on charges of receiving goods and cocaine possession.

    Sept. 10

    Damage to property on Clubhouse Road.

    Sept. 16

  • Roasted chicken thighs can be a simple, elegant dish

    Chicken thighs (dark meat) are often maligned as being unhealthy. Chicken breasts, on the other hand, because they are composed of white meat, are thought of as a healthier option, but breasts and thighs actually don’t differ that much in nutrient content.

  • What is this mystery plant?

    By John Nelson


    This is one of the many plants that make me glad I live in the South.

  • Tragedies unite us, but for how long?


    By Linda Arnold


    This past week we experienced the brunt of two major hurricanes and the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

    While these kinds of events can bring the worst in terms of destruction, they can also bring the best in terms of compassion.

    Because they bring us together as one. Nature is the great equalizer. 

    Most of us remember how we stood together as Americans after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Any other labels that might have existed were stripped away.

  • Boyd Inman celebrates 84th birthday

    Pastor Stephen Nobles and the Sunshine Sisters of New Britton Baptist Church in Ash celebrate the 84th birthday of Boyd Inman, who was born Sept. 15, 1933.

  • Diane’s story: Thoughts on a transfigured life

    I have dubbed one of my daughters Olivia Obituary. She is my designated news bearer alerting me when a friend from my past life in Connecticut enters eternal life. Thus, she bore the sad/happy news of the death of a 49-year-old woman I knew as a little girl years ago. Sad/happy are my words because this was the ending of a life viewed by many as being limited. Instead, it was deep and beautiful, filled with a wisdom few possess and dare to share. She was more than her diagnosis of Down syndrome. 

  • Seven common kitten questions

    Cats are curious critters. They’re fiercely independent, notably nocturnal and difficult to discern. In other words, they’re probably cleverer than many humans. Here are some of the most common kitten questions I get from cat people.


    1.    How long do cats live?

  • Fast-tracking fruits and veggies


  • NCDEQ issues Holden Beach swimming alert

    The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality issued a swimming alert for the public beach access on the east end of Holden Beach on Friday and lifted the alert the next day.

    A Friday NCDEQ news release says state water quality officials are alerting the public that initial testing at the site showed levels of bacteria “exceeding the state’s and Environmental Protection Agency’s recreational water quality swimming standards.”