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  • Arts & Entertainment calendar


    Oak Island Art Guild exhibit, Oak Island Recreation Center, 3001 Oak Island Drive, 6:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday. Exhibit renewed every 60 days. For more information, call exhibit coordinator Miriam Pinkerton at 278-5562.

    Every first Friday through December

  • Dip your toes at the--Purple Feet Festival

    Lucy—in fact, a number of Lucys—may have some “ ’splaining” to do as the annual Purple Feet Festival and Grape Stomp unfolds from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 13, at Silver Coast Winery.

    Once again, a high point at the seventh annual festival will be the Lucy Look-A-Like contest at 3 p.m.

    The competition harks back to Lucille Ball and an old, popular episode of “I Love Lucy” in which the redheaded comedienne found herself crushing grapes with her feet at an Italian vineyard.

  • We may not like spiders and snakes, but most of them are nothing to fear

    Even if you’re not old enough to remember the Jim Stafford song from the 1970s, you probably don’t like coming in contact with creepy critters like spiders and snakes. Knowing there are only two venomous spiders and six venomous snakes in North Carolina usually doesn’t help, so let’s take an objective look at the snakes we share this corner of the state with and see if we really do have something to fear.

  • Tips and suggestions for cleaning up debris after tropical storms and hurricanes

    I have decided to write this article with great hopes it will not be needed but reality shows one day you may need to take this clipping down from your refrigerator door and look over what you need to do.

    Cleanup is the first priority after any major storm.

  • Bugs aren't all bad; they serve a purpose

    As summer progresses, the number of insects found in our landscape increases. There are millions of types of insects in our world and more than 100,000 different ones active in the United States; however, less than 1 percent of these actually feed on plants in a harmful way.

    Before you pull out the insecticide, take the time to identify the insects on your plants. You just may find out that they are beneficial insects. Beneficial insects are those that are helpful in some way, as predators or pollinators. A number of beneficial insects occur naturally in our gardens.

  • County planning board endorses low impact development manual

    BOLIVIA—Members of the Brunswick County Planning Board on Monday endorsed the county’s low impact development manual, the first of its kind in Southeastern North Carolina.

    With the planning board’s endorsement, the manual will be forwarded to county commissioners for their approval.

    The manual was presented to county commissioners and planning board members Wednesday, Sept. 3, but board members tabled its endorsement until specific concerns were addressed in the manual.

  • Loyack, Lewis to continue as chairman, vice-chairman

    BOLIVIA—Planning board chairman Michael Loyack and vice-chairman Alan Lewis will continue with their respective duties, board members voted Monday night.

    Lewis, who led Monday’s meeting because Loyack was absent, said he spoke with Loyack, who said he would like to continue as board chairman.

    Board members also granted an extension request for Oak Harbor Phase 3, which was tabled at the board’s Aug. 11 meeting.

    The development received approval Sept. 25, 2006, and received a six-month extension March 10.

  • ATMC to issue more than $1.75 million in capital credit refunds

    Allen Russ, CEO/General Manager of Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC), recently announced the cooperative will issue more than $1.75 million dollars in capital credit refunds.

    Since ATMC is a membership cooperative and is owned and governed by its members, the company refunds its subscribers portions of revenues not used for expenses in a given year. These refunds are called capital credits. This year, ATMC’s Board of Directors approved a refund of more than $1.75 million to current and former cooperative members who had service in 1994.

  • Legislation could decrease home foreclosures

    Between 10 and 15 people come into the Brunswick Family Assistance office in Shallotte every day looking for assistance with rent or mortgage payments, many of them on the verge of foreclosure.

    While the agency has a small pot of money for rental assistance, it’s usually too late for those facing foreclosure. For that, BFA Executive Director Joe Cannon has to refer clients to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development counseling agencies.

  • Sea Trail honors Nobles

    Sea Trail Golf Resort & Convention Center has named Kevin Nobles as its July Employee of the Month. Other nominees were Siobhan Webb, Robyne Matthews, Ginger Leggett, Janet Miller and Patti Dugan.

    Nobles began work at Sea Trail in 2003 as a mechanic and a year later became the lead mechanic in the golf maintenance department.